Dawn of the River: Who sent the video to Officer Chen?Who sent the video to Wang Cheng?

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“River Dawn” has been updated to 18 episodes, from the latest plot can be seen, the murderer of Su Rui is rarely seen brother-in-law, the motive is su Rui knows the truth of the brother-in-law killed his sister, and then blackmail him for money.Can only say, this is a scum and scum between the contest, and before entering Li Xiaonan’s home, turning Li Xiaonan’s home items, as well as into Wang Cheng’s home, stealing Li Xiaonan’s computer, are brother-in-law, obviously, he just to find su Rui hidden evidence.Although the killer of Su Rui has been revealed, there are still many doubts, prompting the case will not be finished.For example, wang Cheng really just for the sake of writing articles just close to the heroine?Wang Cheng’s sister Wang Nian why mental problems?Who sent the video of Hebian Su Rui pushing Li Xiaonan to Officer Chen?Who sent wang Cheng the video of his brother-in-law blaming his sister and killing her?About Wang Cheng close to tying, certainly not to repay, in order to write an article so simple.And his sister Wang Nian was not stupid at the beginning, because there was a scene of Wang Cheng and his sister, she would still smile, obviously, before she was a healthy and happy person.And the reason why Wang Nian’s mental problems, it is likely to be related to his brother-in-law, because from the latest plot also see, the appearance of a gentle temper, he is just a super abnormal control freak, the bone is also very self, narrow.Wang Nian should have been in a relationship with his brother-in-law before and could not stand his abnormal control, so his mental problems.And Wang Cheng from the beginning, is intentionally close to the heroine, he should be because of the interview brother-in-law failure, just want to pull the strings through Li Xiaonan, to get more clues about brother-in-law.So, who sent the video of Jiang Bian Su Rui trying to murder Li Xiaonan to Officer Chen?One was Song Hu, one was Li Xiaonan, one was Yu Hong, and the other was Yu Hong.Of course, according to the current plot, the person who can shoot the video can not be the above four people, because they are not the murderer of Su Rui directly, and can capture everything Su Rui does, only the people who have been hiding in the dark tracking him.And the man who has been following Su Rui, is the one who really killed Su Rui.That is to say, when Su Rui was killed by a knife in the hotel, it must be the person who followed Su Rui, and the killer of Su Rui, of course, is her brother-in-law.And after brother – in – law kills Su Rui, affirmation also can think of way to leave the relation of oneself, and alive Li Xiaonan is his breakthrough of course.That is to say, he must be the one who sent the video to Police Officer Chen. He did so for no other purpose than to mislead the police into thinking that Su Rui was killed by Li Xiaonan.Because in the river, Li Xiaonan clearly water, and she has hidden his water fact to Su Rui.As long as the police establish the fact that Li xiaonan killed Su Rui, he can continue to be his chairman, and continue to play his affectionate role in public.Then, who gave wang Cheng the video of his brother-in-law killing his sister?According to Wang Cheng’s investigation, there are three people who know his brother-in-law lied, one is a girl with driving records, the other is Su Rui, and the other is a partner who has a cooperative relationship with his brother-in-law.According to the current plot, the reason why Su Rui has the video is that the girl urgently needs money to save her mother’s life, so she makes a deal with Su Rui.Since then, the girl did not talk to anyone, and she did not know Wang Cheng, so it could not be her who sent the video to Wang Cheng.Su Rui himself did not know Wang Cheng, and it was impossible for him to give the chip to others, so it could not be him.As for the man who had a cooperative relationship with his brother-in-law, he was just a witness at the gate of the hotel that night. He just knew that when his brother-in-law was leaving, it was his brother-in-law who drove the car, and what happened during that time, he was not sure.Therefore, the above three are not the people who sent the video to Wang Cheng.There is only one possibility that the video received by Wang Cheng is what he saw on Li Xiaonan’s computer.When Li Xiaonan lived in Wang Cheng’s home, Wang Cheng took Li Xiaonan’s computer to look for information while Li Xiaonan was not at home. From an unobtrusive folder, Wang Cheng’s eyes changed.It’s not clear at the time what Mr. Wang saw, but his expression suggests he saw the video of his sister’s murder.And later li Xiaonan’s computer is stolen, it is obvious that the brother-in-law wants to check the evidence on Li Xiaonan’s computer, and Li Xiaonan himself does not know there is evidence on the computer, otherwise, with her personality, she would have killed his downstairs.Therefore, the person who sent the video to Police officer Chen is his brother-in-law. He wanted to mislead the police to regard Li Xiaonan as the murderer of Su Rui by that way.And Wang Cheng’s video, should only be seen on Li Xiaonan’s computer, and then saved.