Digital collection revenue accounted for less than 1%, qujiang culture travel more clarified more limit

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The NFT(NFT: non-homogenous token, assets in the digital world) market is developing rapidly, and the total issuance scale has exceeded 30 million yuan since this year.Benefiting from the popular concept of NFT, Qujiang Cultural Tourism (600706) recently realized the “four days three board”, 11, the company clarified that its digital collection is not NFT, but the stock price is still strong trading limit.The disk shows that the company’s share price rose from 18.48 yuan/share to the current 24.60 yuan/share, the stock price rose 37.64% in just four days.During the Spring Festival, the NFT market continues to be hot. NFT accounts for 64% of the total amount of digital collections issued during the Spring Festival, becoming the core category. In the New Year’s Eve, the first day, the fifth day and other key points, it shows a strong market competitiveness, showing the natural attributes of NFT combined with culture and IP.In this regard, Caitong Securities analyst Liu Yang said: “Due to the large profit margin of digital collections, if the current situation continues to increase volume, it is possible to bring actual growth for scenic spots.NFT opens a second growth space for IP operation in scenic spots, and is expected to bring new imagination to scenic spots and tourism.”In recent days, The stock of Qujiang Culture & Tourism Has risen significantly in consecutive trading days and the turnover rate is high. Since the beginning of the year, the stock price has risen by 81.05%, the turnover rate has reached 288.74%, and the average daily turnover rate is 12.03%.Financial data show that the company expects to realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2021 of about 5.8 million to 7.5 million yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non-recurring gains and losses of about -32.2 million to -30.5 million yuan.In view of the market speculation, Qujiang Culture and Tourism explained that the company wrote a letter to the controlling shareholder of the company, and the controlling shareholder called the management Committee of Xi ‘an Qujiang New Area, the actual controller of the company, and replied in writing:”So far, the company and xi ‘an qujiang newly developed area management committee does not exist” Shanghai stock exchange stock listing rules “the regulation should be disclosed without disclosure of important information, including but not limited to the material assets reorganization, issuing shares, the listed company acquisitions, debt restructuring, business restructuring, asset stripping and asset injection and other important matters;There is no need to correct or supplement the previous information disclosed.”The main business of Qujiang Cultural Tourism is scenic spot operation and management, historical and cultural theme hotel management (including catering management), travel agency business, performance and performing arts business, cultural tourism commodities business and other new tourism business, real estate development and sales.It should be mentioned that the company’s subsidiary, Xi ‘an Qujiang City Wall Tourism Development Co., LTD., has launched the first digital collection of Xi ‘an City Wall Scenic Spot series of little warriors and sold them on Ali auction platform.Xi ‘an City Wall little warrior digital collection is divided into three categories: rare edition little warrior, limited edition little warrior and winter limited edition little warrior.In terms of business, the open scenic spots under the jurisdiction of the company will be reopened to the public on January 23, 2022.Xi ‘an City Wall Scenic Area, Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Datang Furong Garden Scenic area and Qujiang Ocean Polar Park will resume operation on January 25, January 26, January 27 and January 30, 2022, respectively.”Recently, the company and its subsidiary, Xi ‘an Qujiang City Wall Tourism Development Co., Ltd. launched digital collections respectively.Corporate digital collections are not NFT.It currently accounts for less than 1% of our annual revenue.”Qujiang’s shares were not affected by the clarification and rose by the daily limit again on Friday.The company’s share price rose by the daily limit at 11:18 a.m., trading hours had opened the daily limit six times.”The recent outbreak of tourism plate, broke through the annual line.”A private equity source in Guangdong said to the Public Securities Journal on The 11th: “Qujiang Culture travel hit the daily limit, from the trend of the stock price above the 5-day average, the upward trend has not changed, considering the cost of the problem, it is not recommended to pursue higher.”Reporter zhang ray