Does it take 90 days for King of Glory to transfer

2022-05-17 0 By

King of Glory after the region is indeed to wait until 90 days later, can be transferred again.According to the rules of King of Glory’s cross-system character transfer service, players can only transfer their accounts for 90 days or more.Some players cannot log in to the new mobile phone due to the replacement of the original account after changing the mobile phone of different system, for example, android is changed to Apple system.Therefore, in order to facilitate such players, King of Glory officials through a long period of research, to provide players with cross-system character transfer service.So is the transfer free?Players should be aware that cross-system transfers are not free, players need to pay 990 Honor coins each time they transfer their character, and honor coins are the exclusive premium currency of King Camp, not the point coupons in the game, so players must go to King Camp to recharge their account.Then how long is the transfer service processing time?After the player submits the transfer request, the transfer is usually completed within 24 hours due to the large amount of game data that the character needs to move from the account.However, during the short period of character transfer, the player is unable to log in the original service area of the character and the target service area of the character, only after the successful transfer, the target service area can log in and normal game.