Muller is the first person to learn Chinese!Break new ground to play football?Bayern Spring Festival gift number one

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Muller is the first person to learn Chinese!Is this a new journey to play in China?Bayern Spring Festival gift number one!According to media reports, baby Muller sent a new Gift for Chinese New Year.Every year brings something new.This year’s two children, imitating crosstalk performers, wear long gowns and long gowns and speak traditional crosstalk with little Neuer.A tiger is a tiger.Singing with a bamboo board.Is there any form that Mueller couldn’t learn?Bayern also trained Mueller to become an ambassador.Muller’s impersonation has reached new heights.On the occasion of the Spring Festival in the year of the Tiger, bayern’s New Year’s gift has no rival.Bayern in the domestic jersey sales, has been tepid, also should seize the promotion.Muller’s career plan at Bayern is to extend his contract, play for another three or five years, and then move to West Asia or MLS to finish his career.Muller is a love of a wide range of players, humorous personality habits, let Muller get more and more fans love.It is not impossible to come to China to play football.As a head coach, you can be successful, too.Muller’s high number of assists, is an irreplaceable phenomenon in the Bundesliga.Two baby to the German football rules grasp, can write a teaching material passed to bayern young people to learn.But that would have given away the code, and a lot of people could have cracked Mueller’s assists.Perhaps he would have saved it for his family, friends and children, a career secret that would continue to pay well for generations to come.Do any of muller’s children now train for professional football?Compared to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and David Beckham, Muller’s family life is very private, with little exposure to his children’s lives.It is not the time to fully declare his influence by concentrating on his football career.This assist book may be a source of inspiration for many sports writers and writers.