Sweet, fragrant, creamy toast, nutritious and easy to cook, a delicious breakfast favorite for families

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“Hello everyone, here is No. 1 Food house, focusing on sharing simple home-cooked dishes and delicious supplementary food for children, to broaden the taste of happiness in life with food.Toast should be a very common side dish in our daily life.While it is possible to it and not as a day of 3 eat often taste, but to want to realize the “freedom” breakfast, prepare some toast in the home, whether to make a sandwich or in the pan Fried, after some meat, vegetables and sauce on collocation, both taste and nutrition, it is also very comprehensive.Take this milk flavored annual ring toasted word shared today as an example. The author not only integrates the nutrition of milk and eggs into toast, but also makes some simple processing on the appearance.Cut the toast into strips, and then use a round mold as a base to form a shape similar to the growth rings along the bottom of the mold. Add in a simple pan frying, and you have a family favorite growth rings toast.If you’re interested in today’s delicious breakfast, check out how it’s cooked and enjoy it.: Creamy tree ring toast.: 4-6 slices of toast, 2 teaspoons of honey, 200ml pure milk, 2 eggs, 5g sugar, 20g solid butter.Step 1: First of all, cut the prepared toast into strips about one centimeter in width;In a bowl, whisk together milk, eggs and sugar.Step 2: Then prepare a small container, put the prepared eggs, cow’s milk and toast into it, let the toast completely soak in the milk to soak up the milk.Step 3: Then prepare a round container with a bottom diameter of no less than 6cm, and then spread toast sticks in it according to the state of the growth rings;Then put the prepared butter in the pan to heat and melt. Turn the toast upside down and fry until golden brown and slightly browned on both sides.The picture below is a pan-fried tree ring toast for your reference.As opposed to eating it, if you’re too bothered, you can just eat it.If you want a more balanced nutrition, you can also prepare some fruit and honey, I believe this is a good breakfast for the elderly and children.If you really like today’s breakfast treat, try it at home.So that’s the end of today’s dish as opposed to today’s.If the article still do not understand the place, you can also private chat about the author, I will try to answer questions for you.This article is created by no.1 Food house. Welcome to like, collect, pay attention to and comment on it. We will be there tomorrow.No. 1 Food House — Food needs to be shared with others to feel happiness