With the “tower” working method, residents can solve problems quickly

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“I could not move easily, so I hoped that the community would come to my house to have nucleic acid done. I reported the difficulty to the administrator of the autonomous building and reported the problem to the community. On the same day, volunteers came to my house to have nucleic acid done for me.””Said Cheng Tongren, a 75-year-old resident of Qinghe Subdistrict Nanchang community in Chaoyang District.Nanchang community party secretary Zhao Yuyan said, the community is located in the old city, “old” village, abandon tube building, district 82 towering buildings has 11206 residents, in order to do a good job in epidemic prevention she adjust measures to local conditions, to establish a command, supervisory, package, building autonomous “tower” working mode, let residents problems reflect channel is smooth, solve quickly.In addition, she distributed letters to Party members and residents, organized and established a volunteer team of Party members, a neighborhood watch team and 15 building and courtyard volunteer teams to provide personnel support for community epidemic control and provide basic living guarantee for residents who were confined at home during the epidemic.The community also adopted various methods such as “wechat sharing of epidemic prevention knowledge” to convey prevention guidelines, warm tips and epidemic prevention policies to residents.Zhao Yuyan took the lead everywhere, arranging volunteers, organizing screening and isolation, conducting nucleic acid tests, and managing closed communities…When her mother fell ill, she entrusted the elderly to her husband to take care of her. She put her “home” in the unit and put her mission on the post. “The residents of the community need me more, and as a 31-year-old party member, I must rush to the front at this time.”Zhao yuyan’s words are full of determination.Source: Chaoyang District, Changchun Daily Changchun published editor: Liu Biying: Chen Sixiu proofread: Wang Genyue supervisor: Xie Xiaohui