A mother-in-law in Anhui province has been having trouble sleeping with her baby for several months. Her son-in-law bought a gold bracelet to thank her

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Although there are a lot of families daughter-in-law and mother-in-law is particularly bad, often quarrel, but this does not prevent mother-in-law and son-in-law get along well.Recently, the woman approached her mother while she was tidying up at home in Hefei, Anhui Province, and offered her a gift.The mother-in-law reacted in a bright light, when the mother saw the gift in the bag was immediately surprised, and then happy to look really make people happy for her.Because the woman gave birth to a baby, and he and her husband were too busy, they invited the woman’s mother to stay at home to help take care of the baby.Often, the mother hasn’t slept well for months because of the drama of babies born a few months ago, and the husband shows his gratitude by buying a gift for his mother-in-law.When the mother-in-law saw a gold bracelet in the box, she cried out with excitement and told her daughter that it was not very expensive. The daughter asked her mother about the gift, and her mother said that she liked it and thought it was beautiful.The gift was bought by her daughter and son-in-law for her mother. She felt that she had worked so hard to take care of the children in the past few months, and the old man would have been very happy to know that his daughter and son-in-law were so considerate of him.When the netizens saw the joy of the gift, they thought the mother-in-law was a good mother-in-law, and they also thought the son-in-law was very good at dealing with people and both sides were good, so the family could be so harmonious.Xiaobian think parents do not want to have how expensive gifts, sometimes give them a surprise will make them happy for a long time, so when you have time to give your parents a small surprise.