Asset transfer of “Returning salt to Lake” is in progress! Shanjiao Salinization Group co., LTD

2022-05-18 0 By

Reporter observation network in Shanxi Province on March 30 (reporter trainee journalist GuanJun dragons campaign Xu Xiongfei) on March 29, yuncheng salt Lv Guoyu, director of the center GuanYan led, deputy director of the office and the related staff to ShanJiao saline group and deputy general manager xiang-dong guo is “refund salt reclaimation” assets transferred to discuss problems existing in the process of research.Yuncheng Salt protection Center stressed that relevant departments should take the party members and cadres work style rectification activities as an opportunity to do a solid job of “returning salt to lake” assets transfer work.First, Shanjiao Salt chemical Group shall hold another group meeting for discussion and research according to the legality review opinions of Yuncheng Justice Bureau on the Asset Transfer Agreement of “Returning salt to Lake” (preliminary draft), and timely contact with salt Protection Center to form the final draft;Second, the staff of the leading group office of “Returning salt to Lake” of the transport city checked the assets to be transferred on site and found that there was inconsistency between the physical assets and the list of assets to be transferred, especially when the initial assessment value in the list of assets to be transferred was “0” and there was no amount of book value and assessed value.Shanjiao Salt chemical Group to further revise and improve the transfer of assets schedule;Third, salt Protection Center will submit a written report to the Leading group of “Salt return to Lake” of Yuncheng City based on the revised list of assets to be transferred, physical photos, preliminary evaluation data and other relevant information, so as to provide decision-making basis for Yuncheng Municipal Party Committee and Government.