Bao Wenjing mother and daughter vacation in Sanya, 6 years old jiaozi dressed up mature, half blue and half red hair to attract attention

2022-05-18 0 By

Bao wenjing took her daughter on vacation in Sanya on Feb 6 and shared a photo of them on social media.In the photo, Jiaozi is playing under a pavilion on the beach, holding a fairy wand in his hand. He opens his mouth to laugh at the camera, his teeth are all exposed, and he looks at his jagged front teeth. It seems that jiaozi is still in the tooth change period, and his eyes are narrowing into a line happily.Dumpling full forehead, delicate bushy eyebrows and god’s small eyes are similar to his father Bao Bell, looks sweet and some like his mother.Dumpling is wearing a white dress, with color double ponytail, blue-green, on the left is on the right is red, this hairstyle, is nothing but a photogenic, very individualize not only, also very fashionable, appear dumplings whole like elf, wriggling vibrant, wriggle also not shy in front of cameras, unfolds own cheerful generous mood,Let a person feel from the photo overflow happiness factor.Not long ago, Bao wenjing also posted a group of photos of herself, in which she wore a short jacket and skirt, with a clear collarbone, no fat around her waist, and a pair of long legs, white and slender, full of girly feeling.His face is smooth and white, and his facial features are vivid and solid. He does not look like a man of 34, who is as young as his sister.It is worth mentioning that Bao wenjing and her husband are very affectionate.Before this, in a variety program, Bao Wenjing has publicly praised Bao Beier, said bao Beier has talent and looks, talking about her husband, the whole person seconds change star eyes, incarnation of the husband’s little fans younger sister.This move was also teased by Xie Na is the lack of bald head in life, attracted a number of guests have laughed.This family is too loving, wish Bao Bell family harmony and happiness, also hope jiaozi can grow up healthy and safe.