“Flower Prophet”

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When the spring equinox, the warm sun gradually dispersed the cold.In xining, an ancient city on the plateau, the streets and alleys are full of flowers, fresh and refreshing, breathing the breath of spring on the plateau.In the beautiful spring, Mr. Yang, who has not been working in Xining for a long time, and his friends came to xining People’s Park for an outing and took photos.In front of a blooming plum tree, he sometimes squatted down and sometimes leaned over with his camera, trying to record its open and soft posture from different perspectives.”Jiangnan Fangfei in March, plateau peach blossom initial open.”Mr. Yang said that the Tibetan Plateau spring comes late, but the streets and lanes are full of trees and buds, full of vitality, and unique flavor.A tourist takes photos of Yu Yemei at the People’s Park in Xining, east China’s Shanxi Province, March 29, 2019.(Xinhua/Chen Jie) Trees and grass are just beginning to turn green.Due to the average elevation of the urban area over 2,200 meters, frequent cold air attacks and large temperature difference between day and night, spring usually begins in mid-to-late April in Xining, at least one month later than in plain areas.Yang Yanhua, senior engineer of Qinghai Climate Center, introduced that since March, the cold air has gradually weakened, and the ground warm low pressure has gradually strengthened, bringing the highest temperature in Xining continues to rise, but the average temperature has not reached the standard of entering spring. “In daily life, flowers are spring, so the spring warm in The plateau is’ flower prophet ‘.”In the People’s Park of Xining city, various peach blossoms, pink and white as snow, dot the park with spring in the air.Visitors sit on benches, enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the smell of flowers.The golden forsythia spits out clusters of flower buds, the dead leaves on the tree trunk and the delicate flower buds are gradually moving away, and a yellow leaf is falling slowly, blending into the earth, and giving birth to a new hope.Tourists take photos of peach blossoms at people’s Park in Xining, east China’s Shanxi Province, March 29, 2019.(Xinhua/Chen Jie) Flowers are in full bloom and the plateau is recovering.At the Forestry Research Institute in Xining city, water trickled down canals to the seedling fields, soaking the newly thawed soil and watering seedlings that had just survived the cold winter.In the greenhouse, engineer Wei Wenlong carefully carried several POTS of Chinese rose and cloves and moved them to the outdoor “training seedlings” to enhance the resistance to low temperature and strong winds and cultivate strong seedlings.”Affected by the accumulated warm winter last year, the average temperature in Xining this spring has continued to rise, leading to the flowering period about 10 days earlier than in previous years.”Wei wenlong introduced that flower bud development is very sensitive to temperature. With the rise of temperature in spring and sufficient sunshine, flowers in early spring such as mountain peach and Tanchun begin to show buds and open, thus presenting the scene of “flowers bloom before trees are green”.Wei Wenlong, an engineer at xining Forestry Research Institute, checks the growth of clove seedlings in the greenhouse on March 29, 2019.(Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Jie photograph) Xining is located in the northwest border.Due to the harsh natural environment, late spring time, low survival rate of plants, the past full of mountains difficult to see green.With the tireless efforts of a group of forestry workers, Xining city has introduced and cultivated hundreds of trees and flowers over the past 30 years.The forest coverage of the northern and southern mountains, which surround the city, has risen from 7.2% to 79%.Spring flowers replace all over the sky sandstorm, become the biggest change in Xining spring scene.(reporter Chen Jie) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com