Guard the lights, Gansu province forest fire brigade brigade in fire on the front line

2022-05-18 0 By

“When entering the scenic area, you must pay attention to fire safety and do not smoke in the forest area…”Firefighters from gansu Province’s forest fire Brigade take part in a special fire prevention operation at Wuquanshan Park in Lanzhou, Capital of East China’s Gansu Province, Jan. 31, 2018, in order to further prevent major forest fire risks and ensure safety and stability during the Spring Festival.The special fire protection action is carried out in two ways: designated propaganda and carrying patrol. In the mountains, firefighters carry fire fighting equipment into the mountains and forests to patrol the scenic spot, and dissuade tourists from smoking in the mountains and forests, and check and clean up fire hazards.At the foot of the booth, firefighters to the visitors into the distribution of forest fire prevention flyer, and use the display boards the people on the dangers of forest fires, popularize knowledge of forest fire prevention, propaganda and forest fire prevention laws and regulations and forest fire precautions, guide the local people consciously to set up the consciousness of the forest fire prevention, protection of forest resources, and strictly regulate the use of fire.It is reported that Wuquan Mountain park is a famous tourist resort with a history of more than two thousand years, the park hilly, lush trees, the environment is quiet, is the first choice for leisure travel in Lanzhou, the annual Spring Festival also held lighting exhibition visitors in an endless stream, the sea of people like clouds.As winter climate is dry, scenic areas within the undergrowth activity increases, the accumulation of combustible, forest fire prevention work has become more important, to maintain the ecological safety, the gansu province forest fire corps secret service battalion fire prevention initiative of scenic forest resources protection not only play a crucial role, and the ecological environmental quality of ascension in lanzhou city.”It is better to prevent nine air accidents than to lose them. Through special actions on fire prevention, we will enhance the ability to prevent and resolve major risks and actively create a good atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to, participate in and support forest fire prevention.”Secret service battalion chief Chen Chang ‘an in the launch of fire prevention special action.Next, the brigade will continue to carry out the Spring Festival fire prevention special action, for the forest resources to build a “firewall”, to ensure that the people spend a happy and peaceful, happy and peaceful Spring Festival.