High temperature and no snow!It was cloudy in Nanjing today with light rain sometimes

2022-05-18 0 By

Nanjing Meteorological Station today (January 28, 2022)05 o ‘clock issued the city’s weather forecast: the city today cloudy day, sometimes light rain, evening to night rain to sleet or snow, rain and snow small to medium, northeast wind level 4 or so.Today’s highest temperature: about 4℃, tomorrow morning’s lowest temperature: 0℃ to 1℃.The temperature was high, the rain belt pressed south, and the cold air was weak, so the snow did not come.Today, the southeast of the province is cloudy with light rain to light sleet, Huaibei area is cloudy to cloudy, other areas are cloudy to sleet or snow, the amount of rain and snow is small to medium, the province’s northeast wind level 4 or so, today’s highest temperature: the southeast of the province 6 ~ 7℃, other areas around 4℃, tomorrow morning’s lowest temperature:Huaibei area -3℃ or so, there is freezing, the southeast of the province 2 ~ 3℃, other areas 0℃ or so.Source: Jiangsu meteorological, Nanjing meteorological cover map source: Xinhua News Agency vision center reporter Song Ning photo editor: Lin Li