Less together!A company annual meeting has confirmed 5 cases, a wedding banquet has confirmed 7 cases!

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The 43rd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control was held in Hangzhou at 16:00 on January 28.Eight new local confirmed cases were reported in Hangzhou from 0:00 to 12:00 on January 28, 2022, including four in Fuyang District, three in Xiaoshan District and one in Binjiang District.As of 12 o ‘clock on January 28, a total of 30 local confirmed cases had been reported (including 15 cases among Employees of Huite), including 16 in Binjiang, 7 in Xiaoshan district, 4 in Fuyang District, 2 in Shangcheng District, and 1 in Xihu District. All cases were mild, and no new asymptomatic local cases had been reported.The transmission chain of this outbreak is relatively clear and highly homologous with foreign viruses.It was preliminarily determined that the mode of transmission of the epidemic spread from objects to people, and then through the gathering of people to people.Wang Xuchu, deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission, reported that the first case was found in the third generation. A total of 30 local confirmed cases were reported in this round of epidemic.Among them, 3 cases were hospitalized voluntarily, 4 cases were detected by screening in the containment area and control area, and 23 cases were detected by testing at isolation points.Among the 30 cases, 15 were employees of Huite Catering Equipment Co., LTD., and there were 4 cases of family clustering, involving 9 people.Seven of those who attended a wedding banquet were found to be infected, and another seven were found to live or work in The Xiyuan community of Changjiang River in Binjiang District, showing a certain degree of clustering.At present, there is 1 risk area in the city, and classified control measures and environmental disinfection have been taken in all relevant epidemic-related sites.According to the epidemiological investigation, experts concluded that the transmission chain of this round of epidemic is relatively clear and the overall risk is controllable, but there may still be multiple positive cases in the future.First, the earliest onset of the disease was January 20, and most cases occurred between January 20 and 25.It is inferred that the first case was discovered in the third generation, and it is estimated that the virus was introduced in early January.Second, about half of the cases were workers of Huite Catering Co., LTD., with a long interval, the virus has already spread within the company, and there may still be further cases.Thirdly, there are many cases of the company living in the community in Changhe community, and the possibility of further cases in the community cannot be ruled out.Fourthly, seven cases have been found among those who attended xiaoshan Xianghu wedding on January 22.The wedding became a magnified venue for the outbreak.According to previous reports, the first confirmed case, case 11, case 12, case 15 and case 16 attended the year-end summary meeting of Huite Catering Equipment Co., LTD at 15:00 on January 19.According to previous reports, case 10, case 18, case 19, case 20, case 26, case 27, and case 28 drank wedding wine together in xiaoshan Xianghu Stage 3 banquet on January 22.Xia Shichang, deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, said: “The current outbreak of cases in Hangzhou, the transmission chain is clear, that is, huite (China) catering equipment Co., LTD., mainly employees, and their associated personnel.Including renting a room, next door community to have dinner together, together to attend the wedding banquet and so on.There is already community transmission, but the chain of transmission between them is very clear and they belong to the same chain of transmission.”The current epidemic situation complex control severe aggregation activity number and size on 27 January, zhejiang new crown epidemic 101th press conference, vice director of provincial WeiJianWei li-ming sun said that the current Spring Festival approaching, people flow density, wide scope, may lead to more uncertainty, epidemic prevention and control situation is complicated.The meeting mentioned the need to control the number and scale of gathering activities.During the Spring Festival, it is advocated not to organize temple fairs, large-scale artistic performances, exhibitions and sales promotions, annual meetings of enterprises and other activities, and it is advocated that “weddings should be delayed, funerals should be held in brief and banquets should not be held”, and no more than 10 people should be held at family gatherings.Individuals hosting banquets with more than five tables on their own are required to report to local neighborhood committees or village committees and abide by local epidemic prevention and control regulations.The affected areas should strictly strengthen social interaction control in light of the changing situation.Source: Hangzhou Daily