Steam’s list of top-priced games, and those who get shamrock are lucky

2022-05-18 0 By

Recently, Steam voxel sandbox survival game “square ark launched its new game version – keeping version, in this version inside players more than excellent reward can be obtained, including the green zorro suit, such as green big bed with characteristic of keeping festival bonus, and obtained the reward way is also different from before,All you have to do is collect shamrocks in Ark of Diamonds to redeem them, which is a lot easier than fighting monsters.Clover is a symbol of luck in the botanical world, and in the Ark of Diamonds version of Cuckold, you just have to look in the haystack to find it.Merely players themselves alone to seek efficiency is too slow, and if the players want to have it, the player must also be tamed first deputy comb a dragon, a dinosaur with antenna as the head of the can accurately determine the position of the clover, use it to gather, players will improve their efficiency of clover.In addition to collecting them directly in the wild in Ark of Squares, players can also grow large amounts of shamrocks by planting them.In Ark of Diamonds, there is a dinosaur called Iguanodon, whose arms are very good seed separators, and with these, the player can get shamrock seeds very quickly and efficiently. If you plant them in a field, the player can still get shamrock.Wait for players to have plenty of clover, players will be able to use it to exchange a variety of props, props for Lin Wang need players to beat the squares of the ark’s cloth, so that players can get the goblins exchange of drawings, according to the instructions on the drawing, players can build a goblin exchange, then you can use clover cash out all kinds of useful items in it.Now “ark of diamonds” is still in the promotion stage, 29 yuan can be taken home by players, there are like you can seize the opportunity to enjoy a wave.