The Women’s Federation of Baoxing County visited liu Jiang’s family, the “most beautiful family” in Sichuan Province

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On February 14, the leaders of baoxing County Women’s Federation and Jiajinshan Culture and Tourism Group visited liu Jiang’s family, the only one selected as the “most beautiful Family” in Sichuan Province, and presented the award certificate, MEDALS, gifts of consolation and care from the women’s federation organization.Jiajinshan Culture and Tourism Group to encourage Liu Jiang and his wife teachers to build “the most beautiful family” good family style, on-site for Liu Jiang family to shenmu base, Davaiganza life free admission benefits.It is reported that Liu Jiang and Zhang Dianfen graduated from Ya ‘an Normal School in July 1996 and were assigned to work at Qiaoqi Middle School in Baoxing County together. They have stood firm here for 25 years.Over the years, relying on the Tibetan culture of Jiarong, the husband and wife have taught students according to their abilities, taking the excellent traditional culture of their own ethnic group as the core element of the school’s characteristic development, so as to promote the diversified development of students, put quality-oriented education into practice, and help children stick to their spiritual home.In order to let the children in the mountainous area enjoy a good education, the couple also independently designed class examples and micro class works and won provincial and municipal awards for many times, wrote a number of teaching papers won the municipal first and second prize, tutored students to participate in discipline competitions won the national third prize and provincial first and second prize for many times……”My hometown is in qiaochang town and I have also come out here. I should contribute my meager efforts to training more Tibetan talents!”Liu jiang said that his wife also loves the people’s education and the children in the countryside as much as herself, so she is willing to stick to the qiaoqi Middle School.With the love of Tibetan education and hard work, the couple has grown from ignorant teenagers to the backbone of the school.”Whenever we see Tibetan children no longer rushing around to study, the villagers’ recognition of the improved quality of the school, and the Tibetan elders’ support and trust in their teaching work, we feel extremely sweet and happy in our hearts.”Liu jiang said that he never regretted his choice at that time. If he goes back 25 years ago, he will still firmly choose to take root qiaoqi and make a contribution to the education cause of his hometown and devote his lifetime efforts.Information source: Baoxing County Women’s Federation editor: Zhang Hongmei Editor: Hu Xiao Final: Li Xinghong/Sang Jin