20 years of breakout!It finally entered the “double first class”.

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The only university selected for 2 first-class disciplines in the new “double First-class”!Shanxi University, a century-old institution after many twists and turns, finally ushered in its own moment of glory.The second prize of national Natural Science Some people say that Alexander is like a “dark horse” born out of nowhere;But in fact, the selection of Shanxi University is not unexpected.Only in 20211, this old local strong university has made a series of major breakthroughs in big achievements, big projects and big platforms at the same time: it won the Second prize of National Natural Science Award and the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award as the first unit;Led four national key RESEARCH and development projects and three major projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation;Large scientific equipment project construction, the national supercomputer center officially operated, Yellow River Laboratory was established……This is the epitome of shanxi University’s hard power quietly accumulated in the past five years.What supports its successful breakthrough this time is not only the exploration and precipitation of the past five years;For more than 20 years, Shanxi University has been striving for the entrance ticket of the “national team”.The failure of “Self-rescue” 211 was the starting point of this long road.As a comprehensive university with a history of one hundred years and one of the top three universities in Asia, Shanxi University regretfully lost in the situation of “choosing one from two”, turned around and disappeared into the public view.Just when people thought that it would die down with the tide of The Times, this poor, pragmatic and renowned university has taken on an epic fight to save itself.The picture shows the new campus of Shanxi University – Qiuzhen Building. It is a major turning point to seize the opportunity of co-construction by the province and ministry.In 2004, after several universities in central and western China signed agreements with the Ministry of Education, Shanxi University realized that this was an opportunity!After visiting and negotiating everywhere and upgrading to a university jointly built by the province and the Ministry, Shanxi University rose strongly in a ten-year cycle with an additional 10 to 20 million yuan of special funds each year.One state key laboratory has been built, and the number of doctoral programs in first-level disciplines has increased from 3 to 15…In this way, Shanxi University stood up again, step by step, steadily, with status, with funds, by their own hard to break out a new road.Shanxi University has been seeking space and reputation for its own survival and development since it failed to be selected for 211 project, became a university co-built by the ministry and the ministry, and joined the ranks of co-built by the ministry and the province.As Jia Suotang, then president of Shanxi University and an alumnus of the class of 1982, said, “Reputation is more important than anything else.And then their own, do better.Slowly, get more support and resources.”Despite its resilience and potential, Shanxi University missed the first round of “double First-class” universities in 2017.At last, and heartily!But it was now much stronger and better placed than before;Coupled with the new opportunity of joint construction between the ministry and the province, Shanxi University chose to continue to work hard and wait for the opportunity.The picture shows yuanzhi gardener of Shanxi University fragrant flowers help those who help themselves.It was another five years of perseverance. Finally, it blossomed into a “double First-class” team with the only strong performance of being selected into the two first-class disciplines.Shanxi University, which has been dormant for more than 20 years, has ushered in a vigorous outbreak!In order to keep physics and philosophy among the top disciplines, Shanxi University has chosen to put all its eggs in one basket.Indeed, whether it is talent introduction, discipline construction, or platform construction, it is all supported by the strength of the university.But for the local colleges and universities with no regional and financial advantages, it is the best solution to focus on training.The picture shows the lonely, tortuous and difficult clock tower of Shanxi University Library…Over the past 20 years or more, Shanxi University has been trying hard to qualify for the “national team”, but every time it seems to be a bit unlucky.And this time, Alexander won heartily!Win the long-awaited ticket, but also win everyone’s respect.Source: Green Tower