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A few days ago, I visited Mr. Qiu’s studio in Yuexi Middle School, Kaizhou District, Chongqing. I was shocked by the books and paintings in the room.Obviously, this is a cultural craftsman hidden in remote towns, no matter calligraphy, painting or composition, have reached a considerable height!!If you are a regular reader of “Yufu Literary Garden”, you must have read the relevant articles of “Autumn Bug Essays” on this platform.Yu fu believes that this is a good book worth collecting, read carefully, will be full of harvest.”Autumn bug essay” is title, 2020 autumn, comrade of author Li Qiushan edits this volume, age already entered the autumn of life, autumn mountain, autumn tree, autumn grass, autumn bug, a small life phenomenon!Kusama Tucun, autumn insects tweet, think music, life reading idle writing idle, desk room four treasures, serious, also write, also draw, amuse oneself, really did not think to board what elegant hall.Make up of this book, similar to the spread of tabloids, by skill or go, to seek a so-called call number, not necessary, also do not have this magic power, of course, also do not have this idea!Then again, write some tricks, invite Balzac, Hugo, fruit and others to cheer, pull the flag, fire guns and sing loudly, can high clouds deep?This stall book, from writing, asked the town police station opposite print copy workshop Liu boss print.The elder people call him Comrade Amin because of his excellent practice.Pay after printing, clean and refreshing.After that, it was sent to the city to be printed into a book, and a considerable expense was required.Each group of ten articles, about ten groups, before each group, three or two words summary prompt, clear at a glance, convenient for readers.A total of more than 100 small articles around, more than two hundred thousand words, single quantity, enough meaning, as to quality, as the author, he did not have the right to speak, the author works, typical if chicken gives birth to an egg, egg big egg is small or rotten egg, chicken cannot be grasped, give a reader, one reader laughs and scolds!Ask yourself, do your best, that’s all!Many articles, affixed with a few lines of reader comments, interactive effect, can add a joy!Most of the characters are relatives and friends.My life, such as no friends and relatives to help support, will not have today’s life, do not write them, my heart is uneasy, in writing every friend and relatives, their lovely figure vividly, my heart warm, write happy!The characters I write are not about plot but about details. Details are written in detail to express the familiar life and write down my own understanding and thinking about life, regardless of form.In terms of language expression, I love traditional language, absorb nutrients from ancient literary works, and like the refinement and conciseness of classical Chinese. In the article, I often use four words and five words, such as “Smelling flowers is quite sweet”, which is concise and to the point.I appreciate the expression of the foreign guy: now, a standing aesthetic subject, bow face to face in a passive encounter appreciation of the aesthetic object, from the visual, from the mind perception degree, produce a subject of the spirit of the aesthetic pleasure, and then issued the sound of praise.If the reader read the cost of tao force, trembling level world champion, fold evil spirit old husband also!Personally, “Xiang Jixuan Zhi” “Denzhao child lecherous fu” and so on, my many essays, no rival!Selected articles, most essays, read down, thank the reader master;Read not go down, because it is essay, time is not much, say sorry!A few longer articles were also published.”The Best in The World” is full of jokes and insults, and loves the way it’s done.”Man in the Village School” reflects an unforgettable childhood.”Kong Yiji and idler” is the expression of cultural people’s thinking, with obvious personal color, a view of bai!The book to Children clearly expresses the life philosophy of their fathers to their children.”The Sun Is Born” expresses the joy of a new grandfather!When my granddaughter grows up, she will read grandpa’s article!”So live really good” said relatives things, cloths vegetables food, an impoverished road, really no wrong.”Speech at son’s wedding”, named the home of the pen, installed their own life, there is plagiarism suspicion?Laugh!”2020 kaizhou elderly writers Association gala speech” is completely out of reason, writers association in the work for many years, and old friends chat about the truth!”Teenage Mother,” written two years after her mother’s death.In the late autumn of 2020, I went to Nanchong, where my mother was a female student of the girls’ middle school in Ten thousand counties. I took out the photos of that year, which have long since turned yellow. When talking about the old things, I have written them down.This photo is 70 or 80 years old!Year flows like a stream, day and night.If the mother can read the book written by her son in heaven, anyway, I think the mother must be pleased!For main teaching art in my life, had written novella “the road to art, and the recollection is fine enough, this writing out the recording studio experiences the second brother and the fine arts” ink play “ZhuWen, consciously, some meaning even copy, also hate work, master its meaning and never master its trace, drawing, if you don’t have their own characteristics, it’s just a camera!With my son’s article “impression Alma mater”, writing is the nineties of Yuexi Middle school, different years, different impression.Strangely enough, my son is not very interested in playing with words, but what he writes is a bit of a load of wit. I wish he would stop playing video games and read more books in his spare time.People who do not read have dull languages and ugly faces, as the ancients thought.In the book, symbolically, a disciple’s text is used to enrich the content.With warm appreciation of the vision, wrote dear brothers and sister-in-law, write parents and elders, write friends, ball friends, old classmates, due to the space limit, the use of spring and autumn style, sketch notes, a try!If there is something wrong, sincerely hope haihan!In addition, I love ping-pong all my life, so I didn’t talk about it too much!After work, love to play a ball, not less get gram!Life first ride a bicycle, after playing motorcycles, all the way rut, scenery, river’s lake line foot bai!I don’t like the car, this huge iron shell artifact, put black smelly farts, ass smoke son!Temporarily write part of the relatives and friends, pick the impression of interesting things to write, with gusto in detail, sometimes, a short essay can write more than ten friends, thanks to classical Chinese, concise text can also reach the meaning!This book chooses article more than 100 essays, thousands of words, two or three thousand words of the article has five or six, really a collection of essays, primary school students can read primary school students for literature selection, such as reading point “smelly old nine or acid teacher” to write the small article, what is the taste?This book for the same age, should be heart and heart of communication, because we are the same era up!This book, indeed, is the result of my labor, the hand wringing in winter, the sweat of summer, the pain and joy in between, but I know it, and this process, my life is full.Literature is great!Don’t want to make this book monotonous, add a few pages of hard and soft pen exercises, add a few photos, add a few pages of ink painting, join in the fun, laugh, stop this!In addition, I have two champion certificates in the men’s singles competition of northeast Chongqing District. Unfortunately, they were omitted in typesetting.Self-taught playing ball into the rivers and lakes of the township old ball bug, won this award, still happy happy in the dream!This joy, the joy of kanjing frog, dear don’t pour cold water, don’t take the Olympic champion to press me, ok?Life is short, the lele, always face old society, not good, life is rare a few back to joy!Newspapers and magazines have also used my essays a number of, this volume selected, more for self-appreciation.I found that whenever newspapers and periodicals choose articles, too pay attention to, I am not satisfied with the civilized tiancheng, your natural, your sincere!Now, my mountain goods and soil products “autumn bug essays” out of the cage, dare not lavish edition, small family, from writing, from editing, from title, from writing general preface, from doing cover, from illustrations, accumulated over a long period of time, do so a little thing, also full.Life, is need to do something, otherwise boring!There may be omissions or a few wrong words in the book, as well as inadequacies. Please bear with me that I am now a small old man in a small town. It is my first time to do this kind of work and I am inexperienced.In all fairness, this book is written about people, as far as I am familiar with the life, in the process of writing, pay attention to refining, pay attention to cutting, essay is not a story, therefore, emphasize details, play down the plot.Such as undifferentiated and undifferentiated, a ground chicken feathers spread straight, where is the interest?Strive for a little literary taste, a little realism, a little thinking, a little play, a little humor, and so on.Article if make material report, that is no reiki.In life, no one really listens to empty talk, even with open ears!After the book into back, children do not cheat, each provisional 35 yuan.If you have friends who are far away, you will pay the postage yourself.Some embarrassed ha, money is certainly not bad, it can guide people to do things!Interested telephone contact 13114003190, if you are the one!I wonder if this idea is sound?In addition, personally think, the biggest benefit of this book is to be able to give a person to establish with strong self-confidence, after you read, will clap case shout loudly: “this little old man, the line is pure bullshit line, not according to guge, hit a set of magic boxing!If this is an article, I will write immediately, the level will certainly cover the whole country little old man!I am confident, I am good, far better than the little old man!”See? Doesn’t that make you feel better?Therefore, this book is born value!Since it has sesame value, I think it is not a so-called “pyramid selling”, but an interesting and fun thing for you to introduce and recommend this book to your relatives and friends!If there are enthusiastic readers need to sign books, well, I immediately start writing, leaving a string of son wild hard pen calligraphy, a village thin old man almost let beauty Xishi Sable cicada colleagues, moved to marry the heart!Have a laugh!I grew up in Yuexi, a mountain stream. I am familiar with this place. It is not very difficult to write about the life of grassroots people.In addition, the author of the book, culture thin and didn’t go to the school, just rely on self-study, read some idle writing point XianWen, classified as a pastime little book category, if expressed in this paper, a little bit, a bit of fun, I wish, as the author, no thick hard degree, lack, so walk, no self-respect male correct YunWeiEr,So the things that write can only belong to root gens, small common people small book just, the hall of great elegance accommodate this book, have disgrace sven, write here, not from laugh!A comrade suggested that I ask the world’s famous characters to write postscript for the title of this book, add some scenery, more grand.But I don’t want to borrow light, it is not necessary, there is no much meaning, is an autumn bug just tweet, don’t envy Kunshan Jade broken phoenix call, what’s more, celebrity will deal with me?I’d be smirking, wouldn’t I?I note my heart, MY foot line I step, small common people do small thing, before long, small business opened!Welcome your patronage!Fried firecrackers that set of festive programs on the exemption of bai!In addition, cultural sites, Chinese and foreign classics piled mountains to fill the sea, unknown text, who to inquire?But still, I know I can’t do it, if I don’t sell it, the sky will fall, right?Don’t.Freaked out?Hey, to tell you, scared to sweat in the winter, scared to sweat out in the summer, so funny comedy!Personally, do this thing, very interesting, a book, whether there is value, passively expect others to appraise, not appropriate.One’s life, whether live in vain, not determined by others.At least, a person, can finish to do a thing they want to do, can regret, comfort my heart!If you have no interest in reading and writing, I came here to give the book to you. You may think that the book is superfluous or unsellable inferior product. You take it out of your kindness, and when I turn around, you don’t throw it away.Think about it, it’s boring, I don’t do it!At present, there are more writers than readers. Some prolific network writers can write dozens of books a year, and they are thick with bricks. Who is patient with reading?When VISITING relatives and friends, if I give a gift to someone, I will bring some bags of mountain mushrooms, medlar, walnuts or dates, which is obviously more like that than sending a book of my own local specialties!Li Qiushan’s diary on September 20, 2020 was kept in the humble room