The 15-year-old Red Army soldier, the red Army division commander, commander praised the bravery and courage, the founding award of major general

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China, 25 army of the red army of workers and peasants is a hero of force, the force after the founding of new China, to come out of the general, is the founding general hai-dong xu, founding general han sian-chho, liu zhen, etc., according to statistics, a general work in ten red army combat experience of the founding, a total of 97, when a red 15 junjun long comrade Cheng Zihua commissioned in 1955, then,There were 98 founding generals who came out of the 25th Red Army.The 25th Red Army was founded in October 1931 in Malibu, Jinzhai, Anhui province. Its first commander was the martyr Kuang Jixun.In the autumn of 1932, the red twenty-fifth army main force with the red four front army evacuated Hubei henan Anhui, November 30, ordered to stay the red twenty-fifth army into a new red twenty-fifth army, commander by Wu Huanxian, under the jurisdiction of two divisions, respectively: the seventy-fourth division: Division commander Xu Haidong, political commissaire Dai Jiying;The 75th Division: Division commander Zhou Xiyuan, political commissator Gao Jingting.The new Red 25th Army, with its main force gone and repeated encirclement and suppression by the Kuomintang army, had an extremely poor living environment. In September 1933, the red 25th Army was surrounded by the Kuomintang army on the Yanma Road and the 25th Army was scattered.Xu Haidong and Gao Jingting, with part of their breakout forces, came to western Anhui and reorganized the Red twenty-eighth Army, which later became the fourth detachment of the New Fourth Army.Wu Huanxian, Dai Jiying, Zhou Xiyuan and others broke through to the eastern Hubei to persist in the struggle.Zhou xiyuan’s will began to waver. In the name of holding a military council, he gathered the cadres above the company together, fired their guns and forced them to defect to the enemy with him.Thanks to the wisdom of a battalion instructor, he took the opportunity to use the toilet to pass the message to a soldier who had come with him to the meeting and told him to go back quickly and lead his troops to catch the traitor.This little soldier, called Zhou Shizhong, was only 15 years old at the time, he quickly ran back to the army, called a gang, quietly came to the division, first solved the guard outside Zhou Xiyuan’s cronies, and then rushed into the meeting, caught Zhou Xiyuan, saved the other cadres under house arrest.Later, he was ordered to escort Zhou Xiyuan to the military headquarters, to the commander Wu Huanxian processing.On the way, zhou Shizhong met the Kuomintang to meet Zhou Xiyuan’s troops. Without thinking about it, the 15-year-old Zhou shizhong killed Zhou Xiyuan with a single knife, and then, with the escorted soldiers, quickly withdrew.After Wu Huanxian commander understood the situation, praise Zhou Shiyuan said: 15 years old age, so brave and bold, good!In 1955, Zhou was awarded the rank of major general.