The isolation of a liquor practitioner

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I know that many enterprises and distributors in the liquor industry serve high net worth users, and the impact of the epidemic on them is not only small, but may increase.However, I am an ordinary people, so this article is also about ordinary people, ordinary wine merchants, ordinary businessmen.In the past 27 days of isolation, I drank a total of 30 grams of white wine, plus the use of white wine as cooking wine, the total consumption is less than half a catty.Although I am a middle-aged man, if there is no social scene, AT least I don’t like drinking.Hundreds of thousands of people shared 27 days of isolation with me in the same area, and the reality I could see was that most of them spent their days feeling anxious, depressed and insecure.Before the epidemic, people were used to living today with money from the future, so they could easily use car loans, house loans and installment payments for daily necessities.However, during the containment period, some people have been laid off, some have no income, some cannot afford loans, and some have run out of money.Despite the government’s repeated warnings that basic goods should not rise too fast, the price of vegetables has inevitably gone up.Especially in the face of household debt mainly based on mortgages, many people’s happy lives have been disrupted by the epidemic.Business people are even more miserable. They have to pay rent, pay wages, pay loans and pay back loans. All costs remain the same.In the epidemic control area, especially under the more than 20 days of stillness, most people are in a state of anxiety, and their expectations for the future are no match for the present predicament.That’s the harsh reality. Most people in cities don’t have enough savings to survive more than 30 days of zero income.Jilin, Hebei, Shandong and Shanghai face the same problem.The three-year outbreak has been accompanied by a housing slump, setbacks in the education industry and unprecedented layoffs at Internet companies.In the case of increasing income more and more difficult, reduce unnecessary expenditures, reduce debt, maintain cash savings has become the consensus of ordinary people.It also means that spending power is falling.Today, deppon’s express delivery is still increasing in areas that cannot be reached, almost covering all the main areas of liquor consumption.It would be deluded to talk of a thriving baijiu industry in the face of multiple outbreaks, express delivery and store closures, and even chaos in an international metropolis like Shanghai.It is too optimistic to say that an outbreak of retaliatory consumption will follow the end of the epidemic.The premise of retaliatory consumption is that income does not decrease and consumption is suppressed.The pandemic has led to the opposite, a continued decline in income and more cautious consumption.Liquor as a social product and the necessaries of life, but in the past two years did not see the cost under the premise of surge is frequent price in big strides, when people tight suo food industry experts have been advocating “price type consumption upgrade”, sauce wine industry is capital reshuffle, burn out, inevitable in the excess capacity in advance, channel indigestion.As is known to all, in the first quarter of 2022, under the influence of repeated outbreaks of the epidemic and the continued economic slump, the terminal sales of liquor declined sharply. Although the major manufacturers managed to achieve “brisk sales in off-season” by relying on the payment for goods from wine merchants, the data was not only beautiful, but also charming.The truth is that baijiu sales are in trouble, not booming.This point is not by blowing can change, the market environment can not be ignored, but can not think by efforts to change.With reduce liquor consumption crowd, the unit price increasing, the development of liquor-making industry in the future is not just the head enterprise brand centralization, more tend to mature enterprise resources, on the sales side will also to the brand centralization, resource intensive development, head chain enterprises have more advantages of resources, lower cost, stronger passenger ability.This means that not only some manufacturers will be out of business, but also some liquor dealers will be consolidated or gradually out of business.So this time to consider is not blind development, but accurate positioning, no matter manufacturers or dealers, to think about the future is to move forward, or backward.It takes capital to advance, courage to retreat.Under the epidemic, I lay more emphasis on reducing debt, controlling costs, maintaining cash stability, holding cash and watching, and prudent investment.Some people say that the epidemic is not terrible, terrible is that you have a heart of the epidemic.I do not deny the importance of individual effort, but I value the determination of “heaven” more.What is the sky?Is the law, is the environment, is the elements of development.I am not a pessimist, but I am very clear that everything in the world and the development of all things follow the objective natural law, which is the law of nature. It would be meaningless to talk about individual efforts without the big environment.Only by following the trend can we make greater achievements.The premise of man conquering heaven is to have enough understanding of “heaven” and rely on “man’s determination” to “conquer heaven”.It is not advisable to talk about individual efforts in isolation from the natural environment and social situation.It is easy to let yourself into the “underappreciated”, or “self-righteous” psychological situation.Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t take other people too seriously. It’s hard to make good judgements.”Zhouyi” said, qiandao changes, each is life, to maintain taihe, is li Zhen.After 27 days of epidemic control, Lao Yang tou