Rejected ugly things, creative ancient people made the tiger design, so beautiful

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The year 2022 is the Year of Yin tiger in China.Tiger, as one of the ancient “totems” of the Chinese nation, as early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties, has become a decoration on bronze ware.It is a tiger halberd and fu from the Western Zhou Dynasty, now in the Palace Museum.Its two sides are decorated with two tigers.The image of the four tigers is not very realistic, but relatively patternized, reflecting that at that time, the image of the tiger has a certain mythic.Jade tigers were found many times in the tombs of the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period.This spring and Autumn metaphase lies tiger jade is acted the role of, use bluish white jade makings, because bury and produce brown color changes.Jade acts the role of the whole show “bow” shape of the fu Hu.Tiger torso decorated with “human” glyph Yin line tiger skin pattern, limbs decorated with hook moire.Its head is exquisitely carved, with its mouth slightly open, its upper lip curled up and connected to its nose, as if it were growling.The front and back feet are decumbent, and the tail is thick and curly.This jade ornament has a hole in the middle, and the tail and mouth are also spiral holes, which can be hung by rope.This jade tiger may be a jade piece used in the middle part of the jade pendant, which is more precious than ordinary jade tigers.This jade carving tiger sword 璏, for the end of the Warring States period to the early Western Han Dynasty.Sword 璏 is one of the jade ornaments used to decorate swords in ancient times. When worn on a belt, the sword can be fixed to the waist.This tiger sword 璏 is made of topaz.It is a reformed jade, the upper end is a creeping tiger, the lower part of the original decoration, part of the grinding, and open rectangular hole, into a sword 璏.Tiger face ferocious, open mouth, staring, is waiting for the opportunity to kill prey state, foot tail strong and powerful.The twisted tail is broken.The shape of this ware is very unique after restructuring, although the body of the ware leaves more processing traces, but because of the shape of the tiger appears lively, fine polishing makes the ware smooth and bright.When it comes to the cultural relics with the image of the tiger as the theme, we have to mention the tiger symbol.Tiger symbol is a symbol used by ancient emperors to maneuver troops. It is made of bronze or gold to make a token in the shape of a tiger. It is split into two parts, the left half of which is given to generals, and the right half is kept by the emperor.If only two tiger characters are used together, the bearer will have the right to dispatch troops.This is a tiger symbol for the emperor, dating from the Warring States Period.It lies in the shape of a tiger, head held high, tail rolled up.10 words engraved on the surface of the tiger: “Open the letter, 堳 mound and 𪣻 paper,This is a king of the Warring States to pass on the tiger festival.Tiger section and tiger symbol, although there is only one character difference, but the function is different.The post station was a place of temporary rest and accommodation in ancient times for the delivery of documents, officials and transportation.Emissaries with tiger festival can get food and lodging service at the post station.This piece of tiger is flat in shape, full – shaped casting, light and elegant.For the shape of a tiger, head held open mouth, long tail from the hip to the back of the curve.On one side was carved an inscription of five characters: “The king commands to lease.”The inscriptions indicate that the bearer of tiger festival bears the command of the king and the post station he passes is responsible for receiving him.Ancient people also used tiger patterns for decoration on bricks and tiles.Tile is the head of the drum tile, is one of the ancient Chinese architectural components.Because it has the function of shielding eaves and preventing tiles from sliding, it is called “when”, which means blocking and keeping out.Tile has not only practical function, but also decorative effect.This is a white tiger-pattern clay tile of the Han Dynasty.This tile is wider, white tiger according to the round tile and arc, contains momentum, dynamic strong, highlighting the majesty of the tiger.The overall design is well-proportioned and full of aesthetic feeling.This white tiger brick is from the Tang Dynasty.In the picture, people are in front and the tiger is behind, as if the white tiger is guided by people.The tiger is slender, with wings on its back.Speaking of a tiger with wings on its back, there is a wooden handle axe from the Qing Dynasty.Axe body steel, blade thin and sharp, axe body middle double sided 鋄 golden flying tiger, decorated with flame lines around.This tiger stands on two hind feet, two front feet raised, as if in anger roar, its shape and temperament is very anthropomorphic.Yamantaka is one of the patriarchs of the Supreme Yoga department of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.As the wrath of Manjusri bodhisattva, he is the teaching wheel body of Manjusri bodhisattva to subdue all the gods, spirits and living beings. He is the most powerful god in Tibetan Buddhism, with huge divine power.Emperor Qianlong enshrined wooden tigers, armor and weapons on both sides of the Giant Vader statue, which is located in the middle of the second floor of the Vatican Building in the Forbidden City, hoping that The giant vader would bless him with his troops and secure the border area.Due to the role of the tiger in dispels evil, the ancients also made the image of the tiger into pillows, clothes, shoes and other daily clothing and utensils, so as to achieve good luck and prosperity.This brown glaze painted tiger shaped pillow of the Jin Dynasty, with the back of a tiger as the pillow surface, white as the ground, black painted lutang autumn birds, two branches of lotus leaves, reeds number of stems, water grass swimming ducks, wild geese flying south, the mood of the autumn scenery is vividly expressed.As a pillow, the tiger is depicted in black color under yellow glaze to imitate the markings of tiger skin.Tiger-head shoes and tiger-head hats are traditional Chinese children’s clothing, with auspicious meanings of warding off evil and protecting safety.Usually tiger-head shoes and tiger-head hats are worn at the same time, and men wear red, women wear green common, and contains the “no disease, no disaster grow up as an official”, “hope children become a dragon”, “hope women become phoenix” and other auspicious meaning expressed the good wishes of parents to children.Therefore, whether palace or folk, people love to put on beautiful and generous tiger shoes for children, in order to bless the healthy growth of children.This yellow nail-thread glam shoe from tongzhi period was worn by a young emperor in qing Dynasty.Tiger head shoe is vamp with apricot yellow satin, use sash belt to embroider cloud grain and tiger head grain on its, aureate and black collocation make grain appearance vivid bright bright, the style of the shoe is compact and lovely.This apricot yellow satin steller type cotton hood is also an antique from the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty.Made of apricot yellow satin, the cap face slightly round, the appearance of a small cape.Embroidered on the hat tiger eyebrows, tiger eyes, skin nose, tiger mouth, tiger beard and other decorative symbols of the tiger fierce “king” word.White silk lining, cotton lining.This small tiger hat with fine materials, compared with the folk tiger hat is more superior, from the qing dynasty costume hierarchy should be worn by the little prince.Besides tiger-head shoes and tiger-head hat, the Emperor Tongzhi also had two tiger-skin garments.A small single robe with tiger skin for the apricot chrysanthemum butterfly pattern field yarn below.This is the summer casual dress of emperor Tongzhi when he was young.Round collar, front right, flat sleeve end, left and right train, straight robe.Apricot yellow chrysanthemum butterfly pattern field yarn fabric, painted tiger skin pattern, field yarn weaving smooth and delicate, transparent yarn hole rules, wearing breathable cool.The other is apricot yellow chrysanthemum butterfly pattern field yarn drawing tiger skin pattern clip pants, in the form of two pants legs, the upper end of the pants leg has a ring cloth belt and a rope cloth belt.When wearing, they are respectively over the legs and fastened to the belt with cloth straps.Apricot yellow chrysanthemum butterfly pattern field yarn for the face, moon white dark flower yarn for the inside, wearing breathable and comfortable.Tiger skin pattern painted on the pants, meaning to drive away evil by the tiger to avoid harm, bless the prince healthy and safe growth.”The tiger, the penis, the long beast also, can fight and defeat sharp.”White tiger is in charge of the western gods, together with green dragon, rosefinch, xuanwu constitute the four gods (also known as the four spirits).Tiger is also the god of war, the god of deforestation, has exorcism evil, catastrophe, pray for abundance and punish evil Yang Good, get rich, tie the knot and other magical powers.I hope all the Tibetan friends who read this article can get its divine power protection from these ancient tiger relics after countless years. In the New Year, I will be prosperous, healthy, prosperous and lucky!