Set up high bonus!Dongguan this community has villager to hand over private curtilage house again

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Since the centralized signing work started, all the staff of the on-site headquarters have been racing against time to sign the contract and provide strong guarantee for the rights holders to complete the signing procedures as soon as possible.Recently, Wushan sha Eight wai private house housing completed the handover procedures, immediately with xiaobian together to the scene to see ~ rights owner Zhou Sheng: “do not listen to rumors do not believe rumors, the right way is a wise choice” “the right way is a wise choice.If you miss the centralized signing period, you won’t get hundreds of thousands or even millions.I came to the headquarters every day to communicate with the staff, carefully studied the signed documents, are to protect my own interests, I can rest assured to sign.For example, the document clearly states the delivery date of the resettlement housing.If overdue and the corresponding penalty, this next I have the bottom in the mind.”Huang Bo, the owner of the rights, said, “I hope Weiyuan Island will become better and better, and the next generation will have a better way out.” Most of the families involved in the acquisition are local people, who have deep feelings for the old houses. Even if they support the construction of Weiyuan Island in their hearts, it is difficult to change their minds for a while.The Huang old man who lives in wushan sand, lived here with his wife for most of his life, hear to want to be removed suddenly, let the old couple be a little unprepared, even produced conflict mood.”It’s not about money, it’s about feeling.”Despite his tough words, the old man quietly learned about related policies and found an apartment with his family.For the policy aspects do not understand the place, the staff repeatedly door, patient and careful explanation, Mr. Huang finally signed the contract, “I read the relevant information in detail, through your explanation, I also have more understanding of the land reconditioning.As an old Weiyuan person, I can live to see a big change in Weiyuan Island, and more importantly, I hope the next generation will have a better way out.”Timely signing at present, the signing work is in rapid progress, many rights and interests have won 150,000 yuan/case of centralized signing award and building area of 1000 yuan/square meters of additional awards and subsidies.Warm reminder again: the distance from the centralized signing time has entered the final countdown, please have not signed the rights and interests of the time to contact the staff, must be for their own money bags, do not miss the high bonus!Source: Happiness Weiyuan article source: Le Ju buy a house