The fifth day of the first lunar month: welcome the god of wealth and open a market

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In China, the most solemn festival is the Spring Festival. The colorful “Nian custom” is indelible in every Chinese’s mind.The Chinese “Year” is both sacred and full of joy. Every day has its own customs and every place has its own customs.The fifth day of the first lunar month is commonly known as Po Wu.Many taboos can be broken before folklore is said to be broken.In the old days, from New Year’s Eve to the fifth day, during which there are many rules and taboos to be obeyed by the people, to the fifth day, the above taboos can be broken, therefore, known as “break five”.Due to different regions, festival customs are also different.In some places of our country before the fifth day is not allowed to do needlework, but also not raw rice, raw noodles and lettuce into the pot, after the day is no longer taboo.In ancient China, the fifth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the God of wealth.According to old customs, shops of all sizes would close at the beginning of the New Year, and on the fifth day of the first lunar month, every family would reopen.We smell the cock crow, set off firecrackers, and hung red cloth on the recruit, drink the god of wealth wine.There must be a large carp in the offering, “li” is a homonym for “li”, so the fish is called “ingot fish”.Folklore also says that the god of wealth is the God of the five roads.The so-called five roads, refers to the east, west, north and south, meaning that out of the five roads, all can get money.Every receive the god of wealth must be for sheep and carp, for sheep head “auspicious” meaning, carp is to figure “fish” and “more” homophonic, get a lucky.Therefore, people open doors and Windows, burn incense, set off firecrackers and light fireworks to welcome the God of wealth at midnight on the fifth day of the first lunar month.In addition, on the fifth day of the first lunar month, people also choose to open the market on this day.The old custom takes the fifth day of the first lunar month as the birthday of the god of wealth.The custom of opening the city for the first month, widely popular in ancient China, reflects the traditional psychology of wishing the old year out and the New Year in.This issue editor: Kobayashi focus on Weicheng service people’s livelihood wonderful information authoritative release submission email: