The road to the stock market master, overturn your past cognition

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Every shareholder wants to become a stock expert, but because of a variety of problems and no achievement.What is the source of the failure?I look for it but I can’t find the answer.This article mainly tells about, fry master is how lian become, read will have harvest.The difference between people, is the difference in thinking, thinking determines behavior, behavior determines the result, if you can not completely change leek thinking, so, no matter how many years you fry also can not become a master.A. Designed by the method of choice is the biggest characteristic is Fried ace has a lot of, if you want to be a universal, what could be achieved, the final result of man’s energy is limited, give to you, ten thousand ways to use it again, as a way to use ten thousand times, know too much skill actually doesn’t do anything, only to study a method to study master, can earn big money in the stock market,All-rounders are rare, but there are countless who have become famous for just one tactic.For example, only do times of new shares, special research times of new shares for the conditions to do, the same is true of short – term board.There are too many examples of successful back-and-forth even after studying only a few stocks. Therefore, specialization is a necessary condition to become a master.Ii. Strong ability to understand the news a news release, ordinary shareholders have been struggling with whether it is good or bad, this is no meaning, the interpretation of the news is relatively speaking, there are many factors that need to pay attention to.For example, A shares during the holiday, the peripheral stock market environment is better, the United States stocks rebounded for several days, Hong Kong Hang Seng index also rose 3.24% yesterday, A shares open will follow the rise?When everyone thinks so, the taste of the news has changed, to separate, continuous fall for so long, the probability of direct V up is not big, high open basic board is nailed, but will go low, it is hard to say, I am not predicting the market, just do case analysis.For example, the keyword extraction of the news, there was A news ago, A shares stand up your spine, which mentioned that institutional holdings tend to be short-term.Isn’t that the point? Institutions are speculating, and you’re stuck in the fog of value investing.Three. Master must be a summary of their own operation, for the failure of the operation, where is wrong?How to correct it?Was it luck that did it right, or the right way?All of these things, the expert will make a summary, integrate the fragmented things, research new ways to deal with the changing market.The biggest charm of the stock market lies in its uncertainty, if you delusively look for a certain method, that your direction is wrong, the stock market has no universal certainty method, a fresh move, eat all over the day, lasting will not be too long, the speed of failure is far beyond your imagination.This sentence, I want to express the core meaning, in the uncertain stock market to look for a certain price to do, that is, only do the uptrend, the good times.Five. Fry the highest realm of excellent sense of the dish fry is a kind of practice, and ultimately to practice into an excellent sense of the dish.Why is the sense of the market important, because extreme market is easy to birth opportunities, and extreme market is caused by emotion, which takes a long time to accumulate experience to achieve.There is often a sentence in wuxia novels, “No move wins, there is a move,” which means this.Of course, mentality is also very important, become a master, not only this characteristic, there are proficient position management, strict compliance with the trading discipline.In short, the stock market is a place where the eight immortals cross the sea.But, only method, direction is correct, ability becomes true fry master.If you find it helpful, click “like” and “follow”.More exciting content to share, thanks for reading!