Xinjiang has ushered in an era of great stability, great development and great prosperity. Look how happy these people are

2022-05-20 0 By

At this moment, I am sitting on the train from Turpan back to Urumqi, looking at the windmill gently rotating outside the window, really full of thoughts, feeling excited, for Turpan, for Urumqi, for the whole Xinjiang.This is my first trip to Turpan in 2022. During the one-day trip, what I felt most was change and what I heard most was praise.When Urumqi was still frozen and snowy, Turpan was full of spring and warm wind. The security checkpoints along the way were fast and efficient, and the epidemic prevention checkpoints disappeared without a trace. The roads were wider, the cars were faster, and people’s spirits were higher.I learned from my chat with one of my friends in Turpan that the business of a western restaurant he runs also began to improve, the operating cost began to drop, and the customer flow began to pick up. At first, he was going to give up, but now he said to continue, full of infinite hope and confidence for the future.Not only my friend, but also many passers-by were praising xinjiang’s policies with gratitude.Today’s good situation in Xinjiang has not come easily and is the result of the hard work and selfless dedication of many people. As Xinjiang opens a new era of great stability, development and prosperity, we should cherish today’s good days and happiness all the more.Tianshan mountain north and south rolling spring tides, and then less than a month is the awakening of Insects, then a sound of thunder, the earth began to thaw.