“Festival I am on duty” on the second day of the first month “back home”, hengnan public security guard safe way home

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The day on the second day of hengnan county “lang sister in law” (son-in-law) are too busy to give my father-in-law new road traffic flow is have more than two days before the lunar New Year holiday and there is a group of children when we are busy visiting relatives and friends they are busy on duty, the busy traffic busy let you have a home in peace center scheduling on February 2, Chinese New Year lunar calendar,Hengnan County Party secretary Hu Guoxiong to county public security Bureau 110 command center during the Spring Festival road traffic safety and social security stability work.He stressed that we should spare no effort to ensure safety, stability and smooth traffic, and exchange our hard work for the people’s happiness index, so as to create a good travel environment and social security environment for the masses to celebrate the Spring Festival.Police on the road on the second day of the first month, Hengnan County public Security Bureau started high-level duty, increase the road duty police investment, traffic police brigade all people auxiliary police more than 180 people, county public security bureau patrol police brigade 40 people, the police station more than 160 people, from 7 in the morning began to the road line to carry out the work of security.The civil auxiliary police gave up the Spring Festival holiday to take a rest, regardless of the heavy rain, rain and snow inclement weather, all on the road, grid deployment.At the same time, in accordance with the way of “all police support traffic police, urban support rural, organs support grassroots”, with the cooperation of the county public Security Bureau special police brigade, township (community) safety persuaders, adhere to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, ensure the smooth road of Spring Festival travel, and strive to create a safe and orderly road traffic environment for the people.Through the analysis and analysis of the traffic flow during the Spring Festival transportation period of the county in the past three years, the traffic police brigade has set up 24-hour duty posts along the G107 National Road, the intersection of Cloud City, Quanhu street, tea town and other about 30 congested roads.Through patrol and broadcasting of police car safety propaganda trumpet and the combination of designated duty and guidance and diversion, comprehensively strengthen the patrol and control of major traffic roads and important rural roads under the jurisdiction, effectively maintain road order, and command vehicles to pass, park and queue in an orderly manner.Up to now, the traffic police Brigade has dispatched more than 100 police cars, dealt with more than 100 minor traffic accidents, and accepted 85 requests for help from the public. There has been no long-term, long-distance or large-scale traffic congestion caused by inadequate control and control, ensuring the safety and smooth flow of road traffic.Warm prompt fostered the sleet, traffic becomes poor small make up remind everybody here “in-laws” must obey the traffic laws and regulations during the Spring Festival and the parents or friends merry when drinking to bear in mind that “don’t drink and drive, drive not drink” don’t try the taste of “drunken driving” also not on the edge of the “drunken driving” temptation or the traffic police didn’t drink wine “children” will wait for you in everyway!Review: Li Huazhong source: Hunan Hengnan Public Security editor: Yan Xi copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original