In 2022, the country will crack down on illegal social security benefits, and these four groups should beware

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Treatment of social security in our country is getting better and better, the ability to take initiative protect capture more and more, however, inevitably there are some people in life because of ignorance, or their own selfish desires to make illegal illegal, but in 2022, these people will take care all the more, the country will enjoy social insurance treatment to crack down on illegal behavior.First, hide, ginseng protect people died of falsely, stealing pensioners pension of our country is a lifetime, as long as those people have a breath in and then monthly pension will be on time to the account, so a lot of people in opportunistic psychology, such as families with ginseng protect the old man died, but in order to receive more money, deliberately hiding message of death,Falsely claiming or stealing a pension.In January 2022, ningxia people club hall has released the ningxia about combat violation to receive social insurance treatment and recover, collecting, more eligible to social insurance benefits related issues notice “, which is clear, the staff after the death of relatives did not press reported to the relevant provisions in a timely manner or cancellation, lead to continue to extend social insurance treatment or relatives deliberately collecting,The unit that this dead person ginseng protects or its relatives ought to report to relevant orgnaization of social security agency to prepare within 30 days, return in time the social insurance treatment that issue or claim falsely during death.Otherwise, not only return to the original number of defrauding pension benefits, and assume a certain amount of fines, and diddle social insurance and social security benefits, belong to the fraud of public or private property, in accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China criminal law “the two hundred and sixty-sixth, diddle amount is large, if the circumstances are serious, will also have a jail.In a word, the consequence is quite serious, we must not penny wise and pound foolish.The 2nd, although the endowment insurance of the person that gets pension pay repeatedly of our country has worker endowment insurance and urban and rural dweller endowment insurance cent, but enjoy respect in pay, ginseng protect a person cannot get two annuities pay at the same time, and same personnel also must not different, much account repeats get same basic endowment insurance pay.If you have repeated pension behavior, so can only choose to retain one of them, and return the part of repeated claim, if you hold lucky psychology drill national loopholes, so inevitably punished by the country, the last is mostly outweighed by the loss.Third, forged material pay social security for personnel of flexible obtain employment, if you join in when, chose to pay fees for affiliated third party company and thankless money so it is easy to happen, for example, if you pay the money, according to the requirement but midway through “dirty” institutions to run the volume, at the end of the night to hand in social security, also lost money in vain, Mrs Is lost.Moreover, according to the provisions of Article 88 of the “Social Insurance Law”, those who defraud social insurance benefits by fraud, forgery of certification materials or other means shall be ordered by the social insurance administrative department to return the social insurance benefits defrauded, and be imposed a fine of more than 2 times and less than 5 times of the defrauded amount.Hang on to a company ginseng protect, you did not build true labor concern with this company actually, when dealing with social security to register so, want to forge a labor contract necessarily, this belongs to illegal behavior, once discover be sure to punish severely.Fourth, people who lend their health insurance cards to others can only use their own parents, spouses and children. If you lend your health insurance cards to colleagues, relatives or friends at will, it is an act of cheating medical security funds.And regulations on the supervision and administration of medical insurance fund use article 41 clear, will my medical insurance vouchers impersonate using available to others, shall be ordered to correct by the administrative departments of health care, thereby causing loss to the medical insurance fund, it shall be ordered to return, are owned by ginseng protect personnel to suspend their medical expenses networking settlement for 3 months to 12 months, in addition,The administrative department of medical security shall also impose a fine of not less than two times but not more than five times the amount defrauded.