Major parks in Zhuhai have entered “spring welcome mode”, go punch in!

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29 tiger Spring Festival approaching, the reporter visits, found that the major city park, street green space have entered “spring-heralding” mode, management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau in zhuhai city as a whole, under the guidance of the zhuhai agricultural control group subordinate south China botanical garden company carefully prepared winter jasmine garden city park, zhuhai avenue spots arrangement work, all kinds of “the festival atmosphere” landscape sketch feast for the eyes,Everywhere brimmed with the atmosphere of welcoming the Spring Festival.It is understood that the continuation of traditional for many years, zhuhai city each big park continues to host a Chinese New Year theme flower show this year, to the seaside park, white lotus park, wild elephant island park as the main venue, with municipal party committee propaganda department “2022 together into the future” slogan, around the “blooming happiness” design theme idea, in the outdoor exhibition, a total of 17 scenic spots, and build a web celebrity clock in at point 14,The total area of tens of thousands of square meters.There are more than 30 varieties of flowers on display, including tulips, poppies, foxgloves, snapdragons, impatiens, crabapple, pansies and chamomile.Beautiful scenery, festive atmosphere, attracted many citizens have come to “taste” clock.The largest main venue of the 2022 Spring Flower Show is located in Seaside Park, with more than 300,000 flowers on display. The theme of the whole garden is “Blooming happiness”. The six three-dimensional scenic spots in the park are mainly distributed in three areas, namely the park lawn, the main entrance and the lovers’ roadside lawn.Among 100000 strains of all kinds of tulips as the main attractions in flowers, the flowers will center on three petal type 7.6 meters high, flanked by large Chinese hollow-out style lanterns, big red lanterns on the six keel on embedded bright yellow xiangyun Christmas hang, upper lanterns with color six petals hollow out coloured glaze caps, visitors linger outside or inside,Can feel the rich traditional spring breath.The whole scenic spot creates a dynamic yet elegant, festive yet style, implying that Zhuhai is blooming like a brocade in the sea of flowers and rolling happiness.Two echo scenic spots are also carefully arranged around the great lawn of seaside Park, respectively the “dream flower realm” in the west and the “dream time” in the east. The colorful flower realm is respectively wrapped with colorful dream bubbles and graceful butterfly and tulip contour modeling, creating a dream-like, beautiful and intoxicating vision picture.The other 5 scenic spots in the park are also unique and wonderful.For example, the main square at the main entrance of the park, “Fu Hu Welcoming Spring”, is a scenic spot with a stamp frame combining the images of butterflies and Fu Hu, and a colorful glass background wall designed with the theme flower — tulip as an element extending to both sides, just like a three-dimensional movie film leading visitors into a dreamlike land.”Hi” in “Hi Zhuhai” is the main three-dimensional scene of the scenic spot in the roadside green space for lovers. On one side of the scenic spot, there are beautiful lingnan window flowers with iron and green carved butterflies, with peach blossoms, bougainbougaines and other plants, showing the beautiful and happy life in Zhuhai blooming like flowers.Reporters found that some people while boating in the lake, while watching the lake flower belt, after landing along the lake, I saw the beauty of the poppy enchanting, the park leisurely stroll along the road can also watch the “six petals of flowers” and bamboo cage arch landscaping “flower stream” two big attractions, as far as the eyes are like brocade flowers.Another venue of the Spring Festival Flower Show is located in Yeuli Island Park, with the theme of “Happy Trip” and beautiful and colorful Yumei people as theme flowers, creating a romantic flower field of “Flower Trip” on the large lawn of the comprehensive service Center, presenting the gorgeous Spring Festival landscape full of flowers.In order to welcome the New Year of the Tiger, about 170,000 flowering plants such as carnation, bluebells, corydalis, marigold and sage are planted in the Park, covering an area of more than 4,500 square meters, creating a beautiful scene of colorful flowers blooming in the park and accompanied by a sea of flowers.Along haiyu Road, themed landscapes such as “Happiness” and “dream like painting” are arranged, with lovely fuhu, heart-shaped arch, fairy spirits, pink and tender peach blossoms and other elements combined with the theme of “happiness and joy”, which are wonderful and full of Spring Festival flavor.White lotus park lingnan style of white lotus park as a sub-venue of the flower show, to “lingnan style” as the theme this year set up five main attractions, including is the entrance door of “harbinger of tiger”, entrance of lawn “year after year have fish” “beautiful homes”, eggs, garden bench platform “spring to report good news” and the egg garden lawn “liufang cantonese opera”.All the scenic spots are fully combined with the ancient and simple temperament of bailian Dong Park. The landscape group at the front gate combines lingnan elements such as traditional landscape painting scrolls, wok ear wall, koi, firecracker, orange and lucky bag, implying a happy New Year and welcoming the Year of the Tiger.Enter the garden from the east gate, a Chinese courtyard gate building, carp Mountain as the background, with dynamic garden scenery as the main tone, with waterscape pool drop water, yongquan, rainbow bridge and water wheel as the elements of the “beautiful home” scenic spot came into sight.Smart waterscape, colorful flower border, strewn at random courtyards, into a pair of grain abundant rich scene, the side of the tiger carving scene added a point of interest, walk in the meantime, can appreciate can rest, taste the new era of beautiful home happy life.The “Liufang Cantonese Opera” on the fractioni lawn is characterized by lingnan characteristics. Fengguan and Shapei elements are made into landscape pieces, and the stage frame of Cantonese opera is used to form an interactive small garden landscape, which combines teaching with fun, and complels well with the huge green carving of the character “Spring comes to Bring good news” in the scenic spot on the square in front of the lawn.In order to welcome the Spring Festival holiday, Yuehua Garden also planted about 10,000 square meters of flowers in the important green belt and the celized island at the main intersection along The Zhuhai Road, and planted 300,000 plants of varieties, including red flowers, petunia, crabapple, peacock grass and wood spring chrysanthemum.At the same time, in the handover memorial park, nanping interchanges across the road side, also set up “happy zhuhai” theme attractions, such as xi of the tiger, fuwa image lovely welcome, implies a New Year present a joy, and profusion is colorful, strewn at random have the flowers along the road landscape complement each other, to make a New Year’s holiday bloomy spring city road landscape.Different from previous years, a large number of red lanterns were hung in this year’s municipal parks, totaling nearly 13,000.Walking into the seaside park, I saw two national flags hanging from every lamppost and a string of red lanterns hanging from every tree.Liu Huamin, director of the park’s management department, said more than 10,000 lanterns were installed at the seaside park this year, the highest total ever.Strings of lanterns, totaling more than 2,000, were also hung on street trees in the park, said Huang Shanchu, director of the park’s management office.It is also understood that the park is decorated with more than 1700 windmills, hanging decorated lanterns, flower, knife flags and other ornaments, the festive atmosphere is very strong.Red lanterns hung high, in the park scenery, but also add to the festive atmosphere.People who enjoy leisure and fitness in the park said that the red lanterns hung everywhere make people feel a strong festive atmosphere.”While strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic, Zhuhai dressed up the park and visited the park, which not only created a strong atmosphere of celebrating the Spring Festival, but also a good wish for the country’s peace and people’s happiness.”Wild beaver Island park is playing citizens Mr. Xu said.Zhuhai city management and Comprehensive law enforcement Bureau reminds the general public, while enjoying the beautiful scenery, please do a good job of personal protection, do not cluster, do not gather, also hope everyone to take good care of these lanterns, cherish the grass and trees around, jointly maintain a clean and comfortable garden environment.Source: Zhuhai Special Zone Daily Review: Yu Fanghua