Parents’ happiness is always what they want to do for their children

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Lin Yutang said about happiness: one is to sleep at home in bed;Two is to eat the food made by their parents;Three is to listen to the lover to say love words to you;Four is to play games with children.He said happiness is very simple, do these four points can, I think carefully, enjoy the requirements of a happy life who can do, but the happiness of parents, always want to be able to do something for their children, I do not know how many people feel.Sleep in your own bed: Sleep in your own bed is the way to sleep, at least for most of us.May sleep sureness is into the hot weather, parents help us put the original real quilt for the winter draperies and mat, the weather is a bit cooler, one evening, the parents is how many times the operation, and see if we tucked in the body, afraid we’ll be cool wind cause a cold, so that if sleep hotel bed or other people’s bed feel steadfast,That would be the misfortune of life.Two is to eat the food parents do: love to eat the food parents do, because it is familiar with the color and fragrance of childhood, is a strong love of parents.Only parents know whether our taste is light or strong, hot or spicy. Cabbage is different for everyone. Only parents know exactly what you like to eat, and they will prepare it accordingly.Besides, human memory is not only based on the brain, but also on the tip of the tongue.Three is to listen to the lover to say love words to you: say the love words easy, say I love words difficult.It is indeed enviable for lovers to retain the habit of saying love words after years of passion have worn away.Because a person even if again good, but do not want to accompany you to go down, that he is a passer-by.A person even if the other party has many shortcomings, may be able to tolerate you everywhere, to accompany you to the end, that is the end of happiness.Four is to play games with children: often accompanied by parents to play games children are happy, often accompany their children to play games parents are happy, you harvest not only more human children, but also a valuable childlike innocence.Life can not carry much luggage, don’t always let yourself load forward;The most cherished, the present time, the people around, please do not easily abandon.Of course, the happiness of life is not only these four things, the pressure of life in work and life, at any time is there.How to maintain a good state of mind, find the factor of happiness in simple life?This is the art of living that we need.There will be a lot of love in life, to accompany you to the end, there is always only one person, eternal love, only parents.Because the happiness of parents, always want to be able to do something for their children.What do you say?