The Age of Ning de is angry!Official report!

2022-05-21 0 By

1, Ning King angry!It’s official!$230 billion in market value lost in a week!The whole gem with collapse!Who is so bad?All the rumors are up!Tomorrow, it’s time to test the market!If ning Wang continues to fall, gem continues to collapse down, that is the real fall!If ning Wang stabilizes, gem stabilizes, the market stabilizes!3. Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden get on the phone!There seems to be no result, we are talking different words.Very strange is: the United States, Britain, Japan and other western countries, all assured that Russia will attack soon!Urge their country’s shareholders to evacuate immediately!Putin, on the other hand, denounced it as a “rumour”.Who should I believe?War? On the verge of breaking out?Tomorrow, see if the military sector will hype it!4, speculative direction, digital economy, tourism, COVID-19 news over the weekend!Tomorrow, speculative sentiment will continue to be active!2022 is a year of speculative sentiment, so there is no need to change this judgment for the time being!5. I’m still at my friend’s dinner.Everybody chats a topic, be: public raise fund does not have exchange line, private placement fund all has exchange line!Most of them are buying in the same direction!Like lithium batteries, like medical care.Could there be a conspiracy?Public funds deliberately killed?Blew up private equity?The batch of private equity fund burst positions!And the market starts all over again?Do you agree with this conspiracy theory?6. Next week, MY banner is clear!See a rebound!Fund heavy cang stock should rebound!Do you agree?Don’t, after really want to pull burst private equity fund, just begin to have market?!Private placement brothers, ask you afraid?!Tonight the unit friend makes an appointment with rice, I make an appointment with this ah catalpa unit friend comes out, she says the body is uncomfortable, was refused!What to do?