Winter homework adds 15 pages, pupils hold their heads and cry, designer’s response is “Versailles”

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The education of primary and secondary school students has been concerned, parents hope that students can get good grades, but learning is not overnight, need to accumulate over a long period of time, students should also combine work and rest, take advantage of the holiday to have a good rest.In winter and summer holidays, students are the happiest, especially after the double reduction policy, parents will not force them to make up lessons, so students’ holidays become a real “holiday”.Students schadenfreude feel missed missed lessons, but did not escape the teacher’s holiday homework, but the teacher will not blindly stay, are acceptable to students, but thousands of thousands of calculations did not expect to be calculated by the designer.Winter vacation homework added 15 pages, the students cried, the designer responded that “Versailles” primary school knowledge is simple, as long as the number of language three subjects, the holiday homework will not be difficult, plus the double reduction policy, so that students can return to happy learning, so the teacher will not leave too much.But when the students received their homework this year, they cried in tears, because the homework increased from 55 pages to 70 pages, a total of 15 pages, even the homework of senior three is not so much.This school said also very innocent, do not know at this time, when the interview to the workbook processing plant to understand, the “good designer” answer is also very Versailles, said that their childhood homework are not enough to write.I feel sorry for the students and feel that the holiday will be long. I am afraid that the students will have nothing to do, so I write the exercise book “no increase in quantity, no increase in price”. He also said that no matter how hard it is, children should not suffer, but I think that the designer may not want children to have a happy holiday.In the face of this phenomenon, parents are helpless, after all, the teacher left homework to hand in, now can only change the learning plan to write more every day.But there are also parents very support this phenomenon, I believe that many parents will give students a holiday to buy various types of exercise books, buy a variety of tutorial books, I hope that students can use the holiday to review.But in fact, the school book is still new, students do not pay attention to, parents feel that the teacher’s words have authority, increase the amount of homework after the students can only obediently obedient.Students are also very sad to face the sudden “pampering”, because now there are two cuts, students have to attend delayed service, there is no time to play in the evening, and Saturday and Sunday are surrounded by homework and interest classes.Now the only time is occupied by homework. Many students can only “fool” their parents and teachers by writing answers or using search software.After increasing the number of pages in the exercise book, it did not play a positive role, but let the students disappointed, bored and rebellious psychology, not to take homework seriously.Primary school students themselves are young, their own concentration is not strong, treat the outside world full of curiosity, so it is difficult to seriously write homework without anyone to watch, I believe many parents have a deep experience.The child sits at the desk, the mind is not on the homework, if the parents are not around because of the work, the students’ homework should be multifarious, so so much homework is undoubtedly to increase the burden of parents.However, because of the double reduction policy, students can not cram, a holiday time, students’ knowledge gap, students are easy to ask three questions after school, which is not conducive to the development of students.Double reduction after the holiday students “sa huan”, parents are very worried, after the school ask three do not know how to do?In fact, many parents do not want to make up lessons for students, but parents do not want their children’s grades were left behind, so we are more and more volume, the school for this phenomenon, but also cancelled the student’s ranking and results.Using grading method, parents only know about students, specific ranking and knowledge loopholes are not clear, so many parents also feel very helpless.But parents also need to understand that the primary school stage is mainly to develop students’ autonomy, so this holiday season is also crucial for students’ education.First of all, parents should understand that students do not want to write homework, but because they do not develop good habits, parents always take students as an excuse, parents should change this concept, students’ habits are formed from childhood, to junior high school has been stereotyped, it is difficult to correct.Secondly, parents should make detailed plans for students. If students do not complete well, parents can take rewards and punishment measures to slowly make students accustomed to natural.In fact, students in the holiday encountered the biggest difficulty is electronic products, parents every time to confiscate compulsory means, but now the primary school students are too smart, every time with their parents battle of wits.So parents might as well calm down, can reason with students, even if they may not listen to it, but parents must be patient guide, do not use force to solve, or roar, it is easy to leave psychological shadow to students.From the perspective of parents and teachers, the designer thinks that the more homework the children should have, the better. But in fact, it will only reduce the accuracy of students, and finally can only cope with teachers. Therefore, relevant departments should strengthen management and plan students’ homework reasonably.Today’s topic: When do you finish your homework during the holiday?Welcome everyone to leave a message to share with the author in the comments section below, say their own unique views, the pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete # Knowledage season # Want to know more wonderful content, come to wen Yan education