After a gap of 30 years, Wang Jing appeared in two films in a row

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Thirty years ago, the movie “The Demon Priest of Heaven And Dragon Slurp”, starring Jet Li, Qiu Shuzhen, Zhang Min and Li Zi, was hailed as a classic by millions of people.But no one expected that the film zhao Min said to Zhang Wuji that “I am waiting for you in Dadu”, actually let the audience wait for 30 years.To make up for her “regret”, the 66-year-old actress has decided to write a sequel, two at a time.Among them, “Jiuyang Shengong” will be released on Jan 31, New Year’s Eve, while “Sacred Fire” will be released on Feb 3, the third day of the Chinese New Year.While netizens are eager for “sequels”, many are worried about the casting of new films, believing that classics are considered classics because they are “irreplaceable”.Add to that the fact that 30 years have passed and the original cast is unlikely to be reunited, and its influence will surely wane.Sure enough, after the casting was announced, it immediately caused a group of netizens to laugh.Not to mention “the oldest zhang Wuji (Lin Feng)”, only in the choice of female role, attracted many netizens’ resistance.The first is “Zhao Min”, “Zhou Zhi if”, “small zhao” three people stand together silly silly points are not clear, tend to now the net red face.Followed by the role of “Zhou Zhi if” Qiu Meaning thick and play “small zhao” cloud qianqian, and “magic teach the Lord” in Li Zi and Qiu Shuzhen very far.Without two people clever and temperament, more without the kind of classical beauty charm.On the other hand, jade (Liang), the actress in the new film, is the star, recognizable and visually similar to the beauties of that year.In the face of netizens’ doubts, director Wang Jing did not accept them, but posted a post back to the netizens.In Wang jing’s words, those who make fun of their own casting problems are “vulgar people” and berate them for not making any progress in the past 30 years.Also specifically enumerated shu Qi, Qiu Shuzhen, Carina Lau, Guan Zhilin, Li Zhi and others have been laughed at when they just started their career, but now they have not become the goddess in the eyes of all.At the same time, Wang jing also did not forget to say that after seeing the ridicule and doubts of netizens, she felt more relieved. It seems to be to announce to everyone that Qiu Yinong and Yun Qianqian are now following the “old path” of those former goddesses and supporting the new movie roles.Fortunately, wang jing’s two films have brought together quite a few “well-known actors”.For example, “Zhang Sanfeng” Donnie Yen, “Zhang Cuishan” Louis Koo, “Yang Xiao” Fang Zhongxin, “The Golden Lion King Xie Xun” Xu Jinjiang, “Dog” Fan Shaohuang and so on.Therefore, it is not difficult to see that even if wang Jing’s two films are not “classics”, they are definitely “excellent works”.I believe all of these guesses and doubts will be answered one by one as the movie goes live that day.(Original article, without permission, is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!)