Amazon A9 algorithm analysis, SEO thinking to do Amazon ranking

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How to do the front rank of the station search, has been more concerned about the majority of sellers.Many Amazon sellers have heard of the A9 algorithm in the search engine platform, although the official did not formally propose the concept of SEO, but SEO play is real in this platform.How is Amazon’s search engine different from a regular search engine?In terms of algorithms, we did a simple comparison between Google and Amazon using conventional search engines,The fundamental difference between them is that conventional search engines take user experience as the standard to measure the quality of search results, while Amazon search engine takes transformation or shopping experience as the final standard.What are the factors that affect amazon’s search engine rankings?· Bullet Points are also called five-point descriptions. Sellers need to put highlights in this position and include important keywords.The long Description is a supplement or extension of the short Description. It has more free writing space and can contain many keywords. However, it should not be piled up blindly or overlapped with the keywords in the above two positions.Long description is not the more the better, description related to the product, strong or complex products, more need to do a good job of long description.Keywords of Amazon are similar to Meta keyword of conventional Search engine SEO in the past. Keywords can be directly edited and written in the background. Singular and plural numbers do not need to be repeated.· Price Many consumers consider price when shopping. Price has a big impact on conversion, which also directly affects search rankings.If your price is above average, Amazon will assume you have a lower conversion rate in advance and lower your ranking until you disprove amazon’s assumptions with real conversion rates.That’s why price directly affects rankings.For most Chinese sellers, it makes sense to set the price at the lower end if the target market is middle-class Americans and below.It is not recommended for sellers to sell high-end products. Foreign buyers will look for well-known brands when buying high-end products. For example, there are many small vertical brands in the United States.Many sellers believe that the more Review, the better, but ignore the quality of Review. In Amazon’s algorithm, the quality of Review is more important than quantity.Do not blindly Review, assuming that your Review is lucky enough not to be detected by Amazon, but if the product itself is not good enough, or other details are not good enough, then no amount of Review will help the ranking.· Stay time The stay time refers to the time that consumers stay after entering the listing page. The longer the stay time, the more interested they are in the product and the more likely they are to buy it.Amazon collects the length of each customer’s stay to determine if the listing is of better quality, completeness, etc.The above pictures, long description, Answered Question section, and Review can help consumers stay longer.· Bounce Rate The bounce rate is the percentage of consumers returning to the search page immediately after entering the page versus clicking on the listing altogether.The concept of bounce rate is almost the same for Amazon and general search engines, and it is also an important reference data for algorithms.These factors are all related to ranking information, so it’s important to get the details right when designing the listing.In fact, most of these truth operation personnel understand, spell is who want to be careful, want to be comprehensive.