“Fighting pornography and illegal publications” in rural areas to help the new fashion of civilization

2022-05-22 0 By

Today, Chun ‘an County zuokou township launched the “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” publicity activities, help civilization new fashion.Practice activity, GaiXiang new era civilization by volunteers in the form of a panel, the “against pornography and illegal publications” chase the contents and requirements of plate display, volunteers patient carefully to show the villagers “against pornography and illegal publications” related knowledge, the scene “against pornography and illegal publications” flyer, let the villagers to the concept of “against pornography and illegal publications” have a clear grasp.At the same time, the volunteers of the New Era Civilization Practice Institute also actively guide the masses to participate in the work of “combating pornography and illegal publications”, actively supervise and report illegal publications, illegal printed matter, cult activities and other illegal activities, and work together to purify the social environment.The launch of the “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” publicity activities, not only improved the area of the villagers of “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” social harm understanding, but also for zuokou township to create a healthy and upward good atmosphere, to promote the “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” work to the grassroots in-depth development played a positive role in promoting.It is understood that the next step of the township will take the way of tour publicity, through the village of the new era of civilization practice station, the “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” publicity activities cover the whole township, so that the “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” work deeply popular, household name.