Gao Huajian, a Chinese prodigy who cheated the Americans with his Green card

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Why does a Chinese child prodigy become a national hero when he becomes an American citizen?His name is Gao Huajian. He was born in Chengdu, Sichuan province in 1963. He was admitted to Xi ‘an Jiaotong University at the age of 15 and later chose to go abroad for further study.Such a genius is rare anywhere. Before gao graduated, he received offers from Stanford University, a Research institute in Germany and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. However, Gao chose to stay in the United States, became an assistant professor at Stanford and became a NATURalized American citizen.When the news reached China, many people lambasted him as a Wolf with no eyes and a man who craved wealth and honor, but Gao huajian chose to stay in the United States precisely to help the development of domestic scientific research.A few years later, huajian gao became a tenured professor at brown university, breath with the American academy of engineering, academician of academy of sciences, humanities and sciences three titles, but whenever, huajian gao will give preference to Chinese scholars, when doing research, and particularly willing to in his paper with people’s names, so that more Chinese scholars to join the international top team.Every year, he will return to China to work for two months and discuss academic issues with domestic scholars.The most important thing is that although Gao huajian is in the United States, he has cultivated more than 20 top talents for China, seven of which have won Chinese national awards.In particular, wang Xiang, a successful student, participated in the docking mission of Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou 8 after returning to China, making great contributions to the development of China’s aviation industry.In gao huajian’s time, the scientific research environment in China was indeed inferior to that in the United States. He chose to stay in the United States to learn their advanced technology and then pass it on to domestic scholars, which was also a way to serve the motherland.