Is it easy for a woman to marry late when she has a bad life?

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Is the New Year, in the face of my parents I really feel ashamed, when the New Year’s eve dinner, we have a family of three together to eat a reunion dinner, but are not happy, or three people, parents’ expectations I still did not do.I was born in 1987, after this year has been 35 years old, so far has not married the object, parents to my marriage has collapsed, from expectations to disappointment to disappointment, now the mood is really mixed emotions, I am also very helpless.These ten years of feelings of the road, the people I met are I like somebody else, somebody else is boring to me, always shave the head burden a hot, really also very helpless.When I was 17 years old, I met someone I liked very much. We used to be classmates, but we met again because of work. When I was in school, I liked him silently for a long time.I want to find excuses and his contacts, eat together, chatting together before the students, he is not exclusive, I I later he have feeling to me, then wishful thinking for him to do a lot of things, just didn’t know, he doesn’t like me, also does not intend to want to be together, I’m just being used, in the heart sad for a long time.Now his age is not small, but the feelings of things have no land, MY heart is very anxious, but also can not casually find a person to marry, so they insist on so many years, very unwilling, the heart is very uncomfortable, so find the teacher, I hope the teacher can help me analyze, when I meet their life partner?What about marriage in the future?thank youBorn in ding MAO years, the month of 1911, wuyin day, the girl, wu was born in the month of 1911 shall not make, the water consumption of the day of the Lord’s strength, the month of the column of 1911 MAO phase increased the strength of the wood, when the column Yin noon increased the strength of the fire, you belong to the weak people, like fire soil, avoid jinshui wood.Marriage analysis, the marriage palace sits partial official, year column is official peach blossom star, belongs to the combination of official kill mixed, partial official occupies the marriage palace, is the official outside, implying that you encounter more partial edge, is also rotten peach blossom, difficult to encounter positive edge.Year column MAO wood is official star sheng Ding fire is printed, that your marriage needs others to pull the strings, if you know, more for partial affinity peach blossom.Moon column xinhai for the injury of the official wealth, for women, the injury of the official deficiency, suggesting that you are more critical to the other half, the local money of the official kill, you are a serious person, willing to pay for the other half.Marriage palace sit partial official to avoid, the conditions of your original family are general, can bring you little help, but the marriage palace and the time column kill seal phase, children palace is happy to use, after marriage, the other half of the family to pay more efforts, so through your own efforts will gradually become better life.Shoulder to shoulder in the time column, love and marriage feelings more competition and pressure, plus you commit peach blossoms, but also born in a different day, also known as committing luan evil, to prevent the interference of women outside the marriage caused by the marriage contradiction.Xin Chou year, belongs to the year of financial health injury officer, go jia Yin partial officer’s luck, is unfavorable to marriage sentiment one year.Enter the year of Ren Yin began to go yimao is official time, or peach flower transport, ground Branch Yin MAO half of the official kill bureau, most marriage can become, in Ren Yin and Gui-mao years have married luck.Your future partner is probably square face, medium height, regular features, loud voice, height of about 177, engaged in technical, financial work, or open a shop.Some people are destined to marry later, which is not necessarily a bad thing. You are married, so don’t worry too much about it. You just need to be careful not to be too picky in your marriage.