Jiangxi has resumed normal epidemic prevention and control

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Notice of Ruichang City on resuming normal epidemic prevention and controlAccording to the relevant provisions of the national, provincial epidemic prevention and control and the analysis of the expert group, epidemic prevention and control the city emergency command decision research, from April 8, 2022, remove ruichang city all sealing, centralization, control area related controls prevent area synchronization lifting, fully restored the epidemic normalized management, the relevant matters notice is as follows:I. Continue to strictly control the provincial boundaries, hangzhou-Ruichang urban area and Nanyang, High-speed Railway Ruichang West Station, Ruichang Railway Station, Ruichang long-distance bus station and other access to Ruichang.For foreign (returning) personnel in Switzerland, “inspection on arrival”, “prevention of the same person” and reporting management are implemented, and “four checks and one wear” is implemented.2. Continue to strictly implement the management measures of “four checks and one wear” in public places, business places and indoor activity places.All kinds of business sites and enterprises should resume work and production in a classified and orderly manner on the basis of taking various epidemic prevention measures.3. Continue to strictly implement the grid management requirements for epidemic prevention and control in communities, and implement “four checks and one protection” in residential areas.Strictly implement home isolation and home health monitoring and management measures.Iv. Continue to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures for key groups, places and regions.We will strictly control gatherings, and continue to adhere to the prevention and control regulations of “delaying red events, simplifying white events and skipping banquets.”Five, go out to wear masks, wash hands frequently, often ventilation, do not gather, one meter of noodles, use chopsticks, comply with epidemic prevention requirements, cooperate with epidemic prevention management, actively vaccinated against COVID-19.The epidemic will surely pass, and the mountains and rivers will surely flourish.Looking back on the past, we have helped each other and worked as one, marching hand in hand towards the prosperous spring. Everyone is a contributor and everyone is fighting against the epidemic.Facing the future, the risk of the epidemic is still severe, and the prevention and control work must not be relaxed, and the active participation of every citizen is needed to complete the prevention and control work.Your understanding, support and actions are the strongest guarantee for us to achieve regular epidemic prevention and control.Let us work together to build a strong defense line for ruichang’s epidemic prevention and control.Ruichang COVID-19 Prevention and Control Emergency Headquarters, 7 April 2022