Tesla has no new cars this year. What other electric cars are worth looking forward to?

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Although intelligent technologies such as automated driving is now carmakers reveal oneself “transformation” of science and technology the leading edge of the label, but fell to a practical, pull the sales of the main power, still cannot leave the new car – pioneer electric tesla, for example, even if the FSD upgrade, the new patent registration, plant capacity expansion can always moves everyone’s nerves,Looking back at tesla’s surging sales in China last year, it is still inevitable to rely on its new Model Y.In terms of data, tesla’s main selling Model in China in 2020 is only the Domestic Model 3, with annual sales of 137,400 units.Last year, sales more than doubled to 320,700 when tesla expanded its Model 3+Model Y matrix.The truth of “1+1 > 2” is straightforward and simple.During last month’s earnings call, Elon Musk made it clear that Tesla would not launch a new model this year.The Cybertruk pure electric pickup truck will continue to skip tickets until 2023, and there are no plans for the rumored $20,000 entry-level car.Tesla’s new offensive deferred, naturally for followers to bring opportunities to catch up.In 2022, from new power car manufacturers to new pure electric brands of traditional car companies, they will accelerate their expansion with more new products.By the end of 2021, the monthly sales of the top three new car makers have all exceeded 10,000 units.In terms of total annual delivery, the three companies ranked 998,100 for Xiaopeng, 91,400 for NIO and 90,400 for Ideo — all of which are approaching the milestone of annual sales of 100,000 units.Having largely achieved their goal of “staying alive”, all three companies will launch vehicles this year that sum up to be bigger, more expensive and more powerful.At the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of last year, Xiaopeng took the lead in showing its second all-electric SUV, the Xiaopeng G9.As can be seen from the name “G9”, this pure electric SUV will be xiaopeng’s flagship product lineup.The G9 doesn’t change much in appearance compared to the xiaopeng models currently on sale. The family-style X-Robot Face front design makes it look like an “elongated” Xiaopeng G3i or a “elevated” Xiaopeng P7.At the Guangzhou auto show, the Xiaopeng G9 made a simple static debut, and no further model parameters were announced.However, based on the Hong Kong ipo prospectus, leaked spy photos and other pieces of information, we can still piece together a rough outline of the SUV: Xiaopeng G9 will be built on the same Edward platform as Xiaopeng P7.The wheelbase of the platform is between 2800 mm and 3100 mm, that is, the longest wheelbase of Xiaopeng G9 will reach 3100 mm.Based on this, the length of the G9 is estimated to be 4.8 to 5 meters, and it is positioned as a medium to large SUV.Such a body size can naturally bring more generous interior space.Not surprisingly, the functions of sleeping on the back of the car and watching movies, which were touted by the authorities when xiaopeng P5 was launched, will also be important selling points of the G9.Interior, combined with the Internet leaked spy photos, we can see that xiaopeng G9 will use a similar horizontal screen and P7 central control screen layout.The more obvious change is that, like the Ideal ONE, the G9 has a new display in front of the passenger seat that will improve the passenger’s audio and video entertainment experience.Information on the power and endurance of Xiaopeng G9 has yet to be officially disclosed.At present, it is clear that this car will be equipped with Xiaopeng XPower 3.0 power system, which has two characteristics of fast charging speed and high efficiency of electric drive. Combining 800V high-pressure platform and 480kW supercharging pile, xiaopeng G9 can achieve charging speed of more than 200 km in 5 minutes.In terms of electric drive system, Xiaopeng G9 will adopt silicon carbide, motor magnetic field and reducer optimization technologies to achieve the highest electric drive efficiency of 95%.In terms of intelligent assisted driving, Xiaopeng G9 continues the dual lidar scheme already mounted on P5.Two lidar are also placed under the headlights on both sides of the front of the car.Lidar is just a representative piece of hardware for the next level of autonomous driving assistance.The G9 will be equipped with Xiaopeng’s latest X-EEA 3.0 electronic-electrical architecture, using two Nvidia Orin-X chips with the highest computing power of 508TOPS. Combined with the XPILOT 4.0 driver assistance system, the G9 will achieve L2-level urban navigation driver assistance functions.Finally, in terms of pricing, according to the information in the prospectus of Xiaopeng Hong Kong Stock, the price of Xiaopeng G9 is between Xiaopeng P7 and Xiaopeng P7 Peng Wing edition, that is, between 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.Recently, Xiaopeng automobile also held a conference call with automobile experts, and put forward a series of plans on new cars and sales volume.It is clear that G9 will be delivered in September, accounting for about 14% of this year’s overall annual sales.What is this 14% concept?According to the official statement of Xiaopeng, “we are confident to reach the annual sales target of 250,000 in 2022”, which means that the annual sales volume of Xiaopeng G9 should reach 35,000 units.In addition to Xiaopeng, the ideal next SUV model will also meet with you this year.And this interior code name is “X01” new car, besides final name still not certain outside, a variety of other information already by each road trail information, road measures spy to illuminate divulge get completely clean.Last year, screenshots of documents that appeared to be ideal internal vehicle distribution targets surfaced online.Earlier this year, another so-called “ideal 2022 X01 pitch” surfaced.In addition, on the X01 model positioning, competitive products and other relevant information has already been flying.If this is a deliberate move by the ideal public relations department, it is a wise move to save the budget for communication.Otherwise, can only say the ideal internal secret work is too sloppy…Overall, the ideal next full-size SUV, the X01, will be bigger, better positioned and more expensive than the ideal ONE on sale: 5200/1998/1800mm, a 3100mm wheelbase and a standard six-seat layout.Electric suction door, air suspension and so on luxury configuration will not be carried to the ideal X01, on the standard competing products directly pointed to Mercedes GLS, BMW X7 and other large size luxury SUV, the price is set between 450 thousand ~ 500 thousand yuan.Power, the ideal X01 is still a range SUV.The new car will be equipped with a more thermal efficient 1.5-ton four-cylinder range extender, with front and rear motors powered by Great Wall Honeycomb, with a maximum power of 330 kilowatts and an acceleration of about 5.8 seconds to 100 kilometers.For intelligent driver assistance, the Ideal X01 will also carry a 128-line lidar, which will be placed on the roof.The LIdar on the X01 could have an integral lift-up design that would be positioned at the opening of the outer roof panel, according to an idealized technology patent posted online.The radar is normally hidden in the roof of the car, but when the autopilot assistance function is on, it can be telescoped out of the roof.To use a more graphic analogy, the design is somewhat similar to the elevating front camera popular in domestic mobile phones in the past few years.As for what the X01 looks like, all we’ve seen so far is road spy shots in heavy camouflage.Compared to the Ideal ONE, in addition to the size of the new car is larger, the front face should also have a big change — the ideal ONE’s huge air intake grille is noticeably gone, replaced by the more common enclosed front face on new energy models.Ideal X01 continues the ideal ONE sales strategy, if there is no accident, ideal X01 will continue to maintain the “unit price per bike” pricing idea.When you actually buy a car, there should be only a few things such as the color of the body that need to be bought at a premium.Just don’t know, when the price reached the level of 500,000 yuan, X01 can reproduce the ideal ONE “bicycle explosion” brilliant?Finally, on NiO’s side, this year’s new models have become more complex and diverse.I remember that in the third quarter of last year, due to factory renovation, niO’s monthly sales volume fluctuated to some extent.At that time, NiO officially explained that it was “renovating the production line for the production of new NT2.0 vehicles.”Moving forward to last year’s second quarter earnings call, nio chairman bin li made it clear that in 2022, nio will deliver three new models based on the NT2.0 platform.According to what is known so far, the three new cars are the ET7, which has been in the works for more than a year and will begin delivery at the end of March.ET5, which will be delivered in September of this year and officially launched at NIO DAY 2021;And, recently, a brand new SUV has been exposed on the Internet.Compared with Xiaopeng G9 and Ideal X01, Nio’s new SUV appears less suspense: judging from the photos of the camouflage car, the car will have the same layout as ET7 and ET7, with a central lidar + hd cameras on both sides on the roof.The overall outline of the body is very similar to that of the ES6, basically adding the roof of the ET7 onto the body of the ES6.Therefore, it is not hard to infer that the new SUV’s biggest selling point is still the NAD autonomous driving system.Based on the same NT 2.0 platform, the performance of the vehicle should be similar to that of ET7/ET5, except for differences in body shape and space.The biggest mystery seems to be the name of the vehicle — will it be called “ES7”, as Internet rumors suggest, or will it be a revamp of the ES6?In addition, what is more interesting than the performance of the vehicle is that the 150-kilowatt-hour solid-state battery, which was unveiled simultaneously with niO ET7, will be available in NiO models at the end of this year as planned.It will be interesting to see if Nextev can really deliver the promised 1,000km + range and how much consumers will pay for it.After summarizing the new car planning of The three weili brands in 2022, it is not difficult to find two obvious features: the competition pattern has risen to about 400,000 yuan, and the models are all larger SUVs while being more expensive.All three cars will be equipped with lidar, which in theory should have better self-driving assistance.Bigger, more expensive and more powerful will be the main theme of the trio’s 2022 products.New brands of traditional manufacturers: in addition to the three new forces of the head car, we should not forget the new new energy brands incubated by traditional manufacturers.These brands are more apt to be described as “taking a different tack” than “wei Xiao Li”, which moves forward on a bigger, more expensive and stronger path.For example, Gekrypton and Dongfeng launched Lantu, both aimed at the new energy MPV market segment.Compared to the krypton MPV still only appears in the spy photos, LAN Map second new energy MPV LAN Map dreamers more close to listing.As a medium and large MPV, Lanto Visionary has two versions of four and seven seats, with a length of 5315/1980/1810mm and a wheelbase of 3200mm, which is bigger than Buick GL8 and Toyota Elfa in size.In terms of power, Lantu Dreamer continues lantu FREE dual powertrain, providing extended range electric version and pure electric version.The official claim is that the all-electric four-wheel-drive version has a speed of 5.9 seconds at 100km/h — which makes people feel that even the normally docile MPV has to pursue speed and passion in the new energy era.In addition, now high-end new energy vehicles are emphasizing the air suspension, OTA and other hardware and software configuration, LAN Map dreamers also appear.The next best thing to look forward to is exactly how the Dreamers will price and when they will start delivering this year.If the name of LAN Tu is “dream”, in fact, it is still focusing on the real scene of official and family cars behind MPV, while the Salon car launched by Great Wall is more aimed at the “childhood dream of big boys”.At the Guangzhou Auto Show at the end of last year, Salon unveiled its first model, the Mecaroon, priced at 488,000 yuan, which officials said sold out all 101 limited edition units within four hours of opening preorders.There is no need to introduce too much about the appearance of mechalosaurus, just look at the pictures.The angular mecha style is a far cry from any electric car on the market today.If there’s a comparison, it’s probably the Tesla Cybertruck.In terms of power, it is equipped with dual electric motors, with a maximum power of 405 kilowatts and an acceleration of 3.7 seconds at 100 kilometers.In terms of battery and battery life, based on the 115kwh Dayu battery pack, the maximum range of CLTC operating conditions can reach 802km.In terms of intelligence, mechalosaurus is equipped with four laser radars — not only three at the front of the vehicle, but also one at the rear of the vehicle to achieve full visual coverage.The supplier of these four radars is Huawei, which means that Mechaloong may adopt Huawei’s intelligent driver assistance system in the future.Bold look, 115 KWH battery, four lidar…At half a million, the impression of the Mechalosaurus is nothing short of impressive.Still, it’s hard not to wonder what kind of shock this unconventional car will make when it actually hits the market.In fact, in addition to the above five models, there are a lot of new electric cars visible this year: on the new power side, the second tier of the popular Nezha will launch a new car, Ne Zha S, which will have an electric version as well as an extended range.After launching the cost-effective Zero-run C11 late last year, Zero-run plans to introduce its sibling, the all-electric zero-run C01, this year.Even Wima, which has been somewhat silent in recent years, will launch the wima M7, a new electric car equipped with three lidar devices, this year.In the traditional car companies, Cadillac LYRIQ, Toyota bZ4X and other new cars are also ready to join the fierce competition in the new energy market.In two months ‘time, most of these new cars will be on display at the Beijing Auto Show.The year 2022 without Tesla is not going to be quiet. Which new car are you most looking forward to?