You can be fat or thin, and that’s what skinny girls should do

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As girls know, psacs can be thin or fat.Although obesity is the main performance of polycystic, but not all polycystic sisters will be obese, thin people may also suffer from polycystic.Data show that 30% to 50% of PCOS patients are normal weight, that is, basically belong to thin polycystic.In clinical treatment, doctors often recommend weight loss therapy for fat sister, so that polycystic can improve a lot in weight loss.However, for thin multi-sac sister, itself has been very thin, weight loss is obviously not desirable.So for this type of sister, how to do more effective treatment of polycystic?For thin multi-sac sister, the difficulty of conditioning will increase.Because simply losing weight may not be able to reduce symptoms, but need to through diet, exercise, stress relief and other aspects of the comprehensive conditioning.Sometimes you may even have to put on weight to get the best results.1 Since I don’t need to lose weight, does that mean I don’t need to exercise?The answer, of course, is no.Speaking at the Annual meeting of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), Richter’s team, from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, found that exercise improved the feminine characteristics of PCOS patients, even those who were “thin”.The benefits of exercise go beyond weight loss to helping your body regulate your endocrine levels.Therefore, for thin polycystic, exercise is more important!Lai recommends proper strength training and HIIT for women who are thin or have a BMI of less than 24.Strength training increases muscle mass to store glucose.HIIT helps improve insulin sensitivity, increases metabolism and burns more fat.Do not go on a diet, but pay more attention to “balance”!Lai recommends a diet that is low in carbohydrates (47 percent), low in saturated fat (38 percent) and moderately increased in protein (15 percent).Eat fish and shrimp with high protein content, more vegetables, whole grains and good oils (vegetable oil, olive oil, less animal fats).Replace saturated fatty acids with unsaturated fatty acids.Low – sugar fruit can be properly edible, and high – sugar fruit is not edible.Cupcakes, carbonated drinks, other sweet drinks, caffeine and other high carbohydrate, high calorie women should also try to cut out.3. How can you tell whether you are overweight or thin?There’s a myth here: most girls who think they don’t look fat are too thin.Actually, although look at weight on the surface normal, but muscle rate is low, adipose rate is high, this belongs to recessive fat!This means that weight or body mass index (BMI) alone is not enough to determine whether you are overweight. Instead, you should pay more attention to the distribution of body composition.Can use this to judge him is dominant fat, recessive fat, or really thin much sac.Want to know, lose weight is not our goal, overcome polycystic the most important is to increase muscle and reduce fat!For skinny girls, Lai recommends gaining muscle before losing fat.For overweight women, Lai recommends losing fat before gaining muscle.We have said so much, but in fact, there are two magic weapons: our eternal exercise and diet.It’s just that overweight girls exercise mostly to lose fat, or weight.Skinny girls exercise to build muscle!All in all, girls need to get moving! Come on!Victory is just around the corner!