Does “Drive slowly” really guarantee safety?

2022-05-23 0 By

You can’t be too careful when driving safely.Many people, whether drivers or passengers, believe that many risks can be avoided by “driving slowly”.So, does “drive slowly” really guarantee safety?Of course not.”Drive slowly” doesn’t work in every situation, and most of the time, with the exception of road work, rain or snow, it’s not only unsafe, it’s a dangerous violation.The speed is too slow, also a disguised “overspeed” motor vehicles do not drive at the prescribed speed, refers to the motor vehicle on the road driving speed is higher or lower than the prescribed speed, including not only more than the high speed, but also below the low speed.In other words, driving too fast or at a slow speed is considered speeding.It’s good to be safe, but you can’t be a maverick on the highway.Driving slowly ≠ driving safely. In many cases, driving too slowly will become the main cause of traffic accidents.1, resulting in traffic jams or rear-end collisions slow driving can be said to be the “safety killer” on the highway.The lanes on the highway are set up according to the principle of “fast on the left and slow on the right”. Overtaking lanes and small lanes are set up on the left side of the road, and trucks and emergency lanes are on the right.Normally, the lane on the left of the motorway is not only the fast lane, but also the overtaking lane.However, in the actual driving, we often encounter occupying the fast lane to drive “slow car” situation.Such behavior will not only affect the normal running of other vehicles, reduce traffic efficiency and cause traffic jam, but also easily lead to the driver’s late reaction or improper operation when the vehicle running at high speed in the rear bumps into the vehicle running at super low speed in front, resulting in rear-end and other traffic accidents.Even when not on the highway, “driving slowly” can lead to frequent accidents: a vehicle traveling below the average speed of traffic forces the vehicle behind it to pass in another lane, resulting in a higher risk of scratches and rear-end collisions.If the driver behind the bus is bad-tempered, there could be more harm and disputes.2, increase vehicle fuel consumption there are many people have a wrong view is: the slower the car, the more fuel-efficient.But that’s not the case. The best way to save fuel is to keep driving at a constant speed.Under normal circumstances, fuel – saving speed range in 70-90 km/h, the speed to maintain under 2000 RPM.When the speed is too low, the vehicle has been maintaining high speed, low speed, engine speed can not always reach the state, the lack of vehicle inertia, long time in the state of fuel injection work, fuel consumption does not decrease but rise.3, inattention when the car speed is below 40 km/h or caught in slow traffic, people’s attention will quickly drop, it is easy to cause accidents because of inattention.A typical example is the driver sitting in the car playing with his mobile phone, not passing in time, causing a rear-end collision.For the safety of yourself and others, don’t play with your cell phone while driving!After that, I would like to remind you again: Driving slowly does not equal driving safely. For the sake of your own and others’ life safety, please drive reasonably in accordance with the road conditions, do not overspeed “fast”, nor “slow speed”