Foley opens a new purchase!Hafu H6S limited time offer!

2022-05-23 0 By

To the shop to have gift giving, more details, please go to shop for enquiry 】 address: south high-speed export logistics port 305 roses avenue the 34 stores of sichuan car service for you, the network to make an appointment to store customer, quality drive experience, but also drive cost reduction, reduction, gift to send to port logistics at the founding of the car is 2 words “cost-effective”!Purchase harvard H6S, exclusive 6 spring ceremony as low as zero down payment, the highest 100000 24 0 interest and old customers the highest 6000 yuan displacement based traffic subsidy free lifetime, 3 old enjoy services at 2000 yuan of additional subsidies 7 (limited and the following passenger car) 1000 yuan fine gift bag is big and pored over 3 km from downtown + 1 year free battery up electrical services 2.0 T fuel vehicles,Variable core parts lifetime warranty DHT hybrid models enjoy battery pack/electronic control 8 years 150,000 km super long warranty to buy Hafer – to buy a pickup truck or to buy a car – car one-stop service for more details please call consulting staff, to the logistics port Jianguo Hafer must give you the surprise of the unexpected!The event will run from March 13, 2022 to March 13, 2022