Good shandong | New Year’s Day steamer bobo, “thriving” another year

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New Year, steamed bobo, this is one of jiaodong’s long-standing tradition, meaning the next year’s day “flourishing”.Dong Chunyan, who inherits the Intangible cultural heritage project Of Rongcheng, is very busy these days. When she walks into her shop, she can see several rows of wrapped bobo gift boxes neatly placed on the ground.”According to the custom of Jiaodong, on the eve of New Year’s Eve, every family offers sacrifices to the God of kitchen and wealth. Among the sacrificial offerings, big bobo is indispensable.”More than ten years ago, Dong Chunyan was engaged in the happiness cake business. “At that time, people often came to the shop to ask whether they were making the ‘cornucopia’ for marriage. More people asked, SO I wanted to try steaming the ‘cornucopia’ myself.”Just as she was making her first “corporeal pot”, a customer came to take the cake. Seeing dong’s “corporeal pot”, she immediately bought it and served it to the wedding banquet with hot air.”I didn’t dare ask for more. I only charged 20 yuan, which was not enough for the cost, but I was more happy than anything that my craft was recognized.”Since then, more and more people have been looking for Dong to be the hot property.”Although people have become accustomed to a comprehensive diet style and no longer regard bobo as the staple food, in Jiaodong people, it is indispensable for weddings, birthdays, traditional festivals, celebrations and sacrifices.”In the process of inheriting and developing jiaodong’s huabobo customs, Dong Chunyan has been challenging and innovating herself.”Chrysanthemum to match the hand of Buddha, this is called ‘chrysanthemum carry the hand of Buddha, live to 99.'” For the older generation, every style of pastry has its own meaning: “It’s concentric lock, it means’ tie the knot forever.Spring Yan is introduced while kneading dough, originally soft collapse of dough in her hands actually perky show up, into a variety of lifelike animal flowers and plants characters.”I choose refined flour and flour, add appropriate amount of water, yeast, milk, eggs and sugar, and ferment them on a heated kang at 30℃ for four hours.”While the dough was fermenting, Dong, together with her mother and daughter, began to prepare the dough figures on the pastry. No matter how complicated the shapes were, Dong always used a pair of scissors, a comb and a bamboo stick to make them.”The phoenix will do the body first, then do the wings, but also pressure out of the long tail, every part of the different colors, green is spinach juice, purple is purple potato, orange is carrot, yellow is pumpkin, with fruit and vegetable juice to mix the face is not only beautiful color, but also eat more nutritious.”Dong Chunyan, her mother and daughter sat around a small table, kneading, kneading, rubbing and cutting. The three of them worked together in a tacit understanding, with a look, an expression and an action, each other could understand.Nowadays, the flower bobo has moved from the altar for praying and offering sacrifices to the table of every family. Although the shape of the flower bobo keeps advancing with The Times and innovating with the old, people’s pursuit and yearning for a better life has never changed.With the help of her daughter, Dong uploaded her skills on short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou. “I hope that more people can know, like and eat Bobo in this way, so that it can be spread across the country and carried forward,” she said.Dong Chunyan told reporters.Editor: Zhao Shanshan