Microsoft Surface Audio iOS/ Android

2022-05-23 0 By

Microsoft has quietly rebranded its Surface Audio app on iOS and Android as Microsoft Surface, seemingly for no reason.Launched nearly three years ago, the Surface Audio app has been a loyal companion for those with Microsoft Surface Headphones and Surface Earbuds, allowing users to update their Headphones and customize Settings with their equalizer.The era of Surface Audio is coming to an end, says Aggiornamenti Lumia, because Microsoft is now rebranding and pushing users toward dedicated Microsoft Surface apps.IT Home has learned that despite the name change, the Microsoft Surface app on iOS and Android seems to do exactly the same thing as the previous Surface Audio app, just with a different name, which makes us wonder why the app needs to be reinvented.To inform users of this change, and the departure of Surface Audio as we know it, Microsoft gave us a handy user experience notification,Tell us “Use the Surface app to customize your audio experience on Urface Headphones and Surface Earbuds.””For the best experience, uninstall the Surface Audio app (no longer supported by Microsoft),” the note continued.If you don’t have Urface Headphones and Surface Earbuds, and don’t know much about previous Surface Audio apps, here are the features of Microsoft Surface apps:Update your earbuds and headphones View and change device information View battery information and volume levels personalize Settings Change equalizer Settings to get the sound control you want Which devices are connected Change language Settings Reset your earbuds and headphones to factory Settings Watch tutorial videos send feedback