Monks don’t eat meat, but most of them have fat heads and big ears.

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When it comes to monks, most people think of ascetic monks and the image of all living beings.But the interesting thing is, if we look back at the historical records, there were quite a few times when there was a group of monks, not only did they not look like ascetics, but they were all fat and big, and they were even better looking than too many ordinary people.Buddhism is supposed to emphasize the concept of emptiness, and most of the monks in the TV series are clean and begging for alms, so the question is, why are the monks often fat instead of skinny?In fact, there is a lot of attention to this. There is still a big gap between the monks in history and what we think, and monks have even become a special existence that affects history.First of all, I want to emphasize that in the early days when Buddhism spread to the east, those monks were really great people.For example, the famous master Jianzhen in history, and the great Master Xuanzang, the real protagonist of Journey to the West. These people are absolutely true masters. Although there is no Monkey King around, they are also fine monks, and they are often in tatters.However, it is a pity that with the entry of Buddhism, Buddhism slowly began the process of localization.For example, the famous localization of Buddhism, the so-called Zen Buddhism, and the legendary confluence of the triangle and the fusion of various schools, Buddhism began to take on another development.This development has both good and bad sides.Those who are familiar with history should know that there were many emperors destroying Buddhas in Chinese history, such as Emperor Wudi of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, who was a real expert in destroying Buddhas.Why, then, did a bunch of monks who wanted nothing attract the wrath of the emperor?In fact, the answer is very simple, because these monks not only indulged and enjoyed themselves at will, but also possessed a large amount of land and wealth, which severely compressed the living space of the country.This may make a lot of people’s jaws drop and think we’re talking nonsense, but it’s true history.History records that when the Southern and Northern Dynasties first split, many people were forced to go bankrupt or get married because of wars everywhere.As a result, the temple, which did not have to pay taxes or serve in the military, became a hot property.A large number of common people shaved their hair and came to the temple to escape the war. There were also many landlords who handed over their wealth and land to the temple for safekeeping.So the dramatic scene came, the temple unexpectedly became the earliest bank in Chinese history, and the temple not only had a large amount of land, had a large number of labor, and even had armed.In fact, this point is easy to understand, a large influx of labor, as well as a large influx of landlord capital, so the temple has money, people, in order to protect these interests in troubled times, must be armed.During the Sixteen Kingdoms of the Five Hu Dynasty, Chinese temples went the same way as Japanese temples and had the power to change the landscape.But unfortunately, China and Japan went in different directions. These powerful temples were attacked by emperors like Emperor Wudi of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. On the one hand, they forced monks to return to secular life, and on the other hand, they frantically forced them to give up land and pay weapons.For example, before Emperor Wudi of the Liang Dynasty, monks were allowed to eat meat, so of course they had fat heads and big ears.Even though Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty clearly stipulated that monks were not allowed to eat meat, emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty donated hundreds of millions of money to the temple for several times in succession, which made the temple full of money. The concept of ascetic monk has become more and more distant from the temple.During, the emperor of Chinese dynasties, although often carried out on the temples, let the temple is given priority to with forbidden desires and practice all the time, but there is no help for his stupidity a lot of the emperor’s hands bloodied, the yongle emperor, for example, they will have the spiritual emptiness, will continue to donate temple, and then lead to the temple monks the lure of the outside world, began to enjoy.In Ming history, Zhu Yuanzhang’s family starved to death and was forced to become monks in the Huangjue Temple.We should know that zhu Yuanzhang was often in a state of hunger, even hungry eyes faint, can not recognize people.But the temple masters were not only good at wine and meat, they were fat, and they even played with women, which once angered Zhu yuanzhang so much that he cracked down on Buddhism.So through these content, we can draw some conclusions that the ancient buddhist monk absolutely not our imagination of so simple, they are not entirely sadhus, nor a group of people who do not know how to enjoy, in fact they almost mastered the regime, even once has a high income, have a good enjoy, even in troubled times.In fact, if we look at the famous satirical novels of the Ming Dynasty, journey to the West has many manifestations.For example, there are many Buddhas in the western world, all of whom are solemn and fat, especially the Buddha.Even sun Wukong and Tang Seng, the last scriptures, but look up, there are ananda and Kaya in front of the scriptures to receive benefits.A monk like that can’t be fat.Of course, with the passing of feudal times, temples gradually returned to their original heart, gradually focusing on spiritual sustenance and paying attention to personal cultivation, no longer stimulated by history.But in modern society, there are still a lot of monks who look fat, so what’s going on?In fact, the answer is very simple, although today’s monks do not eat meat, but in fact their diet is not diet, such as tofu food, can still be transformed into nutritious items through cooking.And most importantly, the most important thing for monks is to meditate and chant sutras. Long time of no exercise and long time of sitting posture are easy to make strangers fat.As the saying goes, drinking water in modern society is easy to make people fat, let alone monks.Therefore, the phenomenon of fat head and big ears of monks can be divided into two periods of time to recognize the ancient and modern. Although it is the same phenomenon, it has two different reasons, so it should not be confused.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!