Spring breeze blowing, drums beat shandong sports “new cycle” again

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Qilu Evening News reporter Ji Yu correspondent Guo Wei Li Jie winter to spring, Shandong athletes ushered in a new full transport cycle.Archery, rowing and canoeing took the lead in winning the competition and achieved great achievements in national competitions. Among them, Shandong Archery Team won 2 gold MEDALS, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal in the 2022 National Archery Championship, and water athletes won 4 gold MEDALS, 7 silver MEDALS and 5 bronze MEDALS in the 2022 National Land Rowing Championship.On March 6, the 2022 National Archery Championship ended in Dongfang, Hainan province.After 7 days of fierce competition, Shandong archery team won 2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze MEDALS in men’s individual, men’s team, mixed team and other events, ranking the top of the 29 participating teams, fully showing the strength of Shandong archery team.This tournament is about more than that.This championship is also the qualifier for the Selection of the National archery team for the Asian Games. According to the results and performance of this competition, 17 national athletes were selected to the periphery of the national team, among which shandong athletes accounted for 4 seats.After that, they will prepare for the Asian Games with the national team and join hands with the 9 shandong athletes who were previously selected for the national team to participate in the selection of the national team in the Upcoming Asian Games.At present, the number of our province’s athletes in the national archery team has an obvious advantage, for the Asian Games preparation and for the seat to participate in the first opportunity.Earlier in the 2022 National Land Rowing Championships, water athletes in our province also played a good role.Provincial rowing, canoeing team participated in the whole process, tenacious struggle, strive for the first, won 4 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze.In the first battle of the new cycle, shandong water athletes tested the physical training effect of winter training, showing a good mental outlook and technical level.The National Land Rowing Championship is the highest level of land rowing competition in China, and is also the qualifier for the 2022 Land Rowing World Championships in China. The competition will select the Chinese team for the 2022 World Land Rowing Championships.Qiu Suoren, vice president of provincial rowing team, said: “Everyone’s overall performance is commendable, especially the young team members have shown a strong fighting capacity.This has laid a solid foundation for the next stage of training and preparation.”Physical training is the key to the provincial archery team can have such a good performance, but also benefited from the provincial archery team winter training strict requirements and the use of scientific means.Have learned, this year’s winter training, sports bureau of province team to carry out the “fitness is technical, tactical, physical fitness is physical fitness is the psychological, physical fitness is gold” the guiding ideology, the physical training and testing to the national standard on the table, strengthen physical fitness, temper, hard skills, further to dig the potential of young athletes, has achieved a remarkable success since it was winter training.Water sports also focus on physical development.According to Qiu Suoren, the provincial aquatic center of the new cycle responded positively to the provincial bureau’s requirements of “vigorously focusing on physical strength and making up for shortcomings”, and specially pulled the team to the provincial sports training center for physical strength reserve training.The training center also provides great convenience for the team in terms of food, housing and training.Complete facilities and equipment, professional medical support, and systematic training system have brought better training experience to the team members and achieved remarkable training results.To this, women rowing team Liu Jinchaohas a deep experience, she said, in the provincial sports training center this period of time, after the provincial sports rehabilitation center, the provincial sports research center of the expert consultation and treatment, their injury recovery effect is obvious.For the following winter training, she hopes to return to the team as soon as possible, keep up with everyone’s pace, for the 15th Olympic Games to be fully prepared.For this period of time in the center of the province sports training of physical training arrangement, Qiu Suoren said the team at full capacity every day to practice, three except Tuesday, four, six have other teams to take up physical training venue in the morning, other time period, the province skin row rowing team will have team on various projects in the physical library physical training, strive to through the concentration of crucial at this stage,Let the team’s overall physical condition to a new level.The new national archery Championship is the first national competition that Shandong archery team takes part in in the basic year of the 15th Olympic cycle.The provincial scientific research center and rehabilitation center sent experts to follow the team throughout the whole process, giving the team full guarantee.Li Qiandong, director of Qingdao Sports training Center, said that the center will further implement the requirements of the province’s sports work conference, to “single-minded gold medal” as the goal, to “start is the sprint, the beginning is the final battle” attitude of endeavour, high quality to promote the preparation training of each project team.Into the new cycle, Shandong “water army” the same battle song loud and clear.Qiu Suoren said that the new cycle should rely on the experience of cultural construction of provincial sports training center, and constantly consolidate the ideological foundation of the team, so that the ideological construction of the aquatic center teams get qualitative improvement, and enhance the ideological combat effectiveness.At the same time, through the provincial games, as well as the organization of small age group competitions constantly discover young players, as soon as possible into the training, to consolidate the foundation.The young and middle-aged players should take advantage of the opportunity of winter training to build a solid physical foundation, for the old players who face injury, make full use of the strength and advantage of the training center resources, from diagnosis and treatment, diet and other details, scientific and reasonable for them to practice good winter training to provide protection.At present, the national rowing canoe National spring championship is coming, according to the rules, from this year, the annual national rowing competition will be included in 15 transport points.Don’t change his mind, courageously renewed, save water, director of the center for Wu Li know, said: “the shandong skin row rowing team to be in the bay area scored five of the national games, process a long difficult task, but the center and the team has the determination and confidence, up and down with new spirit and the pursuit of a higher goal in the struggle, in the war to hand over the high score in the final exam answer!”