Subway direct!These Buddha “treasure cards” can’t hide

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Foshan metro line 2 a period after opening It is more convenient to take the subway to swim in foshan Metro clock in this Spring Festival visitors away quickly Immediately start Foshan metro line 2 issue Fog forest park ▼ fog forest park is located in the zen city SAN shek wan town street west area, covers an area of 25.7 hectares, including the fog hillock park academy part such as main body, FengNing temple and lotus peak.Here, you can enjoy swimming in the green sea of foggy hills and enjoy the tall green trees on both sides.Po Fung Pagoda at the top of foggy Hill recreates the glorious scene of “Tower Peak sunset”, and makes you feel the old time in a piece of green.Play guide coordinates: click navigation to the address below Traffic: take metro Line 2 to Shagang station South wind ancient kitchen ▼ South wind ancient kitchen, set tourism, sightseeing, art, shopping in one.It is a national AAAA tourist attraction built around key cultural relics protected units such as Nanfeng Kitchen, Gaozao, Gaomiao and Lin Jia Hall.As a witness to the development of Foshan Shiwan pottery industry, the ancient dragon kiln here is not only a “national key cultural relic protection unit”, it is still in use for 500 years without fire, continuous production.There are a lot of moving scenery to walk in, blue brick stone alley, antique courtyard pavilions.Here you can also, you know, bathe in 5,000 years of pottery culture, and take part in pottery making and playing.Nanpanshun Geographical Culture Park is located in Bidao, Chencun Waterway (Lian ‘an Sluice section), Foshan City, Guangdong Province, its geographical location in the South China Sea, Panyu, Shunde at the junction of the three.Walk along the path of the park, the green wall of the park is made of tall trees, and the “green scene” can be seen everywhere as if you are in a “small forest”.Breeze slowly, the water ripples layer upon layer, standing in the view of the trail as far as the eye can see, shimmering, light with the shadow.S s s s s play strategy coordinates: click on the navigation to the address below Transportation: take the subway line 2 to Lin Yue station to get off Chencun flower world ▼ as the national AAAA level scenic spots, chencun flower world, not only gorgeous flowers, and beautiful courtyard building, Bridges, type of landscape, the people here are always flowing like water.Come to the Flower World subway station, the subway station is already a scenery, enough to make you amazing.Flower world station selects the petals of white orchids as the material, and decorates the lamp posts with the patterns of blooming flowers.On the ceiling and column, you can see the elegant line modeling of white orchids.Transportation: Take metro Line 2 to Flower World Station, get off guangfo Line ancestral Temple: Ancestral Temple, this temple building full of Lingnan characteristics, is foshan people’s place of local feelings.Lingnan Sacred Area, IP Man Hall, Huang Fei Hung Memorial Hall and Collection Pavilion all tell the story of Foshan brick by brick.Founded in the Yuanfeng Period of the Northern Song Dynasty (1078-1085), Foshan Zu Temple Museum is a comprehensive museum of ancient architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasties and traditional culture of Foshan.Zu Temple Museum gathers many lingnan craft treasures.Eaves and warps, carved columns and painted screens, more than 900 years of light and shadow flow, condensing the profound history of Zu Temple Museum.Traffic: Take the subway guangfo line to Zumiao station lingnan Tiandi ▼ want to say the most fashionable IN the Zen City of the most holy street photography, Lingnan Tiandi is absolutely one of them, with a pat, can let you “C”, become one of the most dazzling crowd!Lingnan Tiandi uses modern techniques to transform the precious historical buildings with typical Lingnan residential style in Donghuali area of Zumiao.On the basis of preserving the original style of the historic building, modern fashion elements are injected to harmoniously integrate the history and modern elements.It is set against the backdrop of lingnan characteristic buildings such as the arcade, wok-ear gables, tile-roofed ridges and carved eaves.Traffic: take the subway guangfu line to Zumiao station qiandeng Lake Park ▼ When it comes to clocking, of course, not the South China Sea landmark “old net red” – Qiandeng Lake.Walking, cycling or boat tour, there is always a kind of outdoor leisure for you ~ Qiandeng Lake at night, is more brilliant and charming, the bustling city blowing the lake at night is very comfortable.The digital water curtain under the three-arch bridge presents an amazing landscape of different shapes and colors.Traffic: Take subway Guangfo line to Qiandeng Lake station Lanshi Park lanshi Park as ten riverside highlights “Lanshi Memory” scenic node, is a modern urban park covering 41500 square meters.The park has a 580 meter “8” shaped runway, “UFO” children’s activity area, sunshine lawn, as well as a leisure corridor surrounded by green plants and flowers, which is a good place for residents to spend their leisure time.Located in the riverside landscape belt, north of the Dongping River, covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, is the first wetland park in Foshan.More than 130 species of trees and shrubs are planted in the park, creating a unique ecological plant landscape.There are more than 330 kinds of plants in the riverfront landscape zone!Sunflower, cosmos, sulphur, rape, cherry, yellow wind suzuki……All kinds of flowers bloom throughout the year, forming a sea of flowers, even CCTV praise!Play strategy coordinates: click on the navigation to the address below Transportation: take the subway to century lotus station guangfo line The Spring Festival Sit on the subway to spin foshan ~ the editorial published sources: foshan foshan city culture tourism of radio, film and television sports bureau, the city of zen, release, zen city tourism, the south China sea, the south 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