The answer to “Original Sin,” the plot of “Original Sin,” who the killer is

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After system testing, the copy of this script has been owned, details \\ princess, reply “original sin” to see the details of the copy.Original Sin introduction: “Even you lied to me…?””Because it is you, so I lied to you.”The disguise is you and I are too selfish, or human beings are willing to deceive?Israel’s National Academy of Sciences expert Joran.Dr. Cohen was assassinated, separated by dozens of countries outside the city of Nanjiang, a seemingly unrelated fate accident but then quietly started.Was it a random homicide?Or was it a dark plan?In forest villa, 6 people fate each other stumble.The drama is waiting for you…1: How many people can play Original Sin?Original Sin is 4 men and 2 women, a total of 6 plays script 2: How long does Original Sin take to play?Original Sin can be played for about 4-5 hours