Business department of Wutai Rural commercial Bank: focus on customer financial needs to launch mortgage loan products

2022-05-24 0 By

Shanxi news channel to agriculture, rural areas and farmers Five Parthenon business sales department vigorously implement the transformation of credit, efficiency requirements, based on local actual, close to the customer needs, innovative business varieties, seize the urban and rural residents housing mortgages loan demand point, run personal housing mortgage loan business success, for the first quarter beginning added a “weapon”.The bank in careful study of the provincial association of individual housing mortgage loan management methods on the basis of repeated deliberation and research to formulate a strict and detailed operation process, on the individual housing mortgage loan to form a powerful guidance.The bank pays close attention to the real estate information, after many times of communication and docking, and Shanxi Chenchen real estate Development Co., Ltd. signed a personal housing mortgage loan cooperation agreement, and with the real estate company, real estate service center signed a commercial housing presale funds supervision tripartite agreement, become the county’s few financial institutions with agency qualifications.In view of yihe Jiayuan this project, the bank transferred business backbone resident sales department, open and transparent, timely and meticulous for customers to answer the loan process and pay attention to key points, and strive to let customers run less, effectively solve the problem of customer loan.The bank’s advantages of high loan handling efficiency, good service attitude and attractive products have won the support and trust of customers. At present, it has connected with more than 60 prospective customers, and effectively provided personal housing mortgage loans for 14 households and RMB 3.88 million, helping customers realize their “housing dream”.(Wen Lijia)(Editor: Liu Xiaoliang, Xi Tao)