Reflection on home air system caused by the source of the epidemic in Shanghai

2022-05-24 0 By

The life of the Shanghai people touches everyone’s heart.From epidemic control and advanced pacesetter, once to rein, now must have everybody already knows the source of the outbreak – volunteered to accept isolation of huating hotel, because of its air conditioning system, does not have air old management ability, and ignore a few days, in and out of the hotel staff are quarantined staff infection, cause now situation.With the increasing frequency of home isolation and working from home, is it useless if the air can spread disease?To solve this problem, we offer an idea of air management, first look at dry goods: of course, we are talking about new homes with, plan to install fresh air system.The vast majority of current fresh air systems allow the house to form a slightly positive pressure — that is, the air in the room penetrates outwards to achieve the effect of waste air entering the return duct for treatment.However, the room is not absolutely sealed, the door crack will be permeated with air, which in peacetime does not matter, but if it is isolated people living in the room seeping gas, it will cause infection.Therefore, we need a negative pressure environment, the air in the room is continuously sucked out, from the crack of the door to the indoor air infiltration, in order to form the effect of fresh air + not to the outside infection.Such an environment is a safe environment for isolation.Of course, what we really hope is that the epidemic will end as soon as possible and we can return to normal life as soon as possible!