Renaissance street transformation scene set off dry upsurge

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Rotary drilling rig, crane, high fog gun machine and dozens of large equipment roaring operation, the builder is busy welding steel cage……At present, the construction site of fuxing Street municipal transformation project has set off a great work upsurge. In just two days, 45 cast-in-place piles have been completed in the first two projects. The builders are committed to the construction with the determination of “starting is a decisive battle, starting is a sprint”.In two years, Fuxing Street will become a new “ecological vitality corridor” of Shijiazhuang, deeply integrated with The Hutuo River Economic Belt and Taihang Mountain ecological belt, helping make Shijiazhuang a charming city that locals are proud of and outsiders aspire to.A project two days time to complete root pile on the morning of March 28, 29, as the first to start extending south 2nd ring, one of the two project of east line and to revive the street interchange ramp and auxiliary project of the hot sight: rotating drill, crane, excavator, high spray gun machine more than 60 sets of mechanical equipment, such as fighting, like a piece of mechanical concerto, great enthusiasm.And some builders welded steel cage, some in pouring concrete…Full of energy.The project is located in yuhua District south second ring east extension line and fuxing Street intersection, the project content mainly includes: 1.3 km of Fuxing Street from the original two-way 4-lane highway transformed into two-way 12-lane municipal road;10 new turn ramp, about 4.15 km long.In addition, there are 3 auxiliary roads.”At present, we have selected more than 50 experienced and skilled management personnel to enter the site, organized 10 labor teams and more than 60 pieces of mechanical equipment to enter the site, the peak construction personnel will reach more than 1,000 people, more than 130 pieces of mechanical equipment.Now 29 cast-in-place piles have been completed, earthwork has begun, and materials such as steel bars and formwork have come into play.”Wang Zhen, director of the south Second Ring Road East Extension interchange and affiliated engineering technology, said.In just 2 days, the project completed 29 cast-in-place piles, greatly encouraging the confidence of the builders.”The municipal renovation project of Fuxing Street is an important measure to improve the modern transportation network system and build a world-class regional central city of beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration with the capital as the core.The renovated Fuxing Street will surely become a road of hope that breaks through bottlenecks, a road that leads future development and a road that carries dreams for people’s livelihood.”Wang Zhen said that they will be in accordance with the “strong guarantee, high efficiency, high quality, high standard” construction principle, anchor to build “green project” “safe project” “quality project”, with the safest management, the shortest time, the fastest speed, the best quality, formulate a detailed construction plan,To effectively contribute to the development of Shijiazhuang into a modern, international and beautiful provincial capital city.On the morning of March 28, the site of fuxing Dajie connecting Xincheng Avenue interchange project was quite different from the smooth open space before the construction started. Cranes were standing in a forest, machinery was roaring, and builders were sweating like rain.The project is located at the intersection of Fuxing Street and Xincheng Avenue in Chang ‘an District. The main contents of the project include: the 600-meter Fuxing Street is transformed from the original two-way 4-lane expressway to two-way 12-lane municipal road;Two new steering ramps, with a total length of 1010 meters;2 ramp Bridges, 1 passageway bridge, 2 culverts.At the same time supporting the implementation of drainage, lighting, greening and other projects.”At present, we have selected more than 60 experienced and skilled management personnel to enter the site, organized 12 labor teams and 52 pieces of mechanical equipment to enter the site, the peak construction personnel will reach more than 500 people, more than 130 pieces of mechanical equipment.Sixteen cast-in-place piles have been completed, earthwork has begun, and materials such as steel bars and formwork have come into play.”Said Li Xingliang, technical director of the service interchange project of Fuxing Street connecting Xincheng Avenue of Shijiazhuang Road and Bridge Group.Since the start of construction, the enthusiasm of the builders has greatly advanced the speed of the project.”Fuxing Street municipal transformation project is of great significance to the development of our city, as the construction unit, we will ensure the quality and safety of the premise, to promote the quality of Shijiazhuang to contribute to the development of state-owned enterprises.”Xing-liang li said, they will be determined in accordance with the unified trading group decision deployment, adhering to the shijiazhuang bridge “bear in mind that the mission, solidarity, innovation, first-class” spirit of enterprise, to “start is decisive battle, start is the sprint” determination, Renaissance fully into the street and the construction of new city road interchanges, the arduous struggle, difficult to overcome,Ensure completion of construction tasks on schedule.Enterprises along the line: after the transformation, transportation costs can be greatly reduced.Located in revival street originally along the head of some machinery processing enterprises Mr Zhao told reporters, they fully support the revival street municipal transformation.”The former factory building has now been demolished. Although I am reluctant to give up, the municipal renovation of Fuxing Street can promote the overall development of the provincial capital, and we must support it!”Now, the company has moved to Wuji county, the new plant has been renovated, updated with new equipment, and he is confident about the future development.Shijiazhuang jinyu concrete co., LTD. Has a foothold in Renaissance along the street for more than ten years, laboratory director Song Long told reporters: “our company mainly produces concrete, this kind of product is more special, belongs to the semi-finished products, from production to use the best finish within 2 hours, so as to achieve the best effect, so the traffic impact is bigger.It turns out that we have to travel long distances, which limits the range of our products.After the municipal transformation of Fuxing Street is completed, we can directly walk fuxing Street, the operation distance will be halved, so that the transportation cost will be reduced by 30%, the transportation scope will be expanded, and our company’s income will be virtually increased.”Citizen: Full of expectations for the municipal transformation of Fuxing Street The municipal transformation project of Fuxing Street has also attracted the attention of the surrounding residents.People have great expectations for this street.At the site of the fuxing Dajie interchange project connecting Xincheng Avenue, li Hanyang, a resident who lives nearby, stood at the gate and peered in. “I never thought it would become so busy in just two days.”When he heard that 16 cast-in-place piles had been completed, he gave a thumbs-up: “True speed!”He told reporters that he lives in the nearby South Shijiazhuang community, close to fuxing Street, so he is particularly looking forward to fuxing Street’s municipal transformation.”This street is a road of hope for us. We can go directly to Fuxing Street from here. We don’t have to go around Yuhua Road!How convenient it will be to travel!”Li Jingshu, also living in the south Shijiazhuang community, is also watching the construction of the project. “The original Xinyuan Expressway is like a dam blocking here, and we have to go around a long way, which is very inconvenient.When the renovation of Fuxing Street is completed, we will be able to go on the spacious Fuxing Street when we leave home. This is a great good thing for the people!”Li Jingshu said with a smile.”After the renovation, Fuxing Street will definitely be a road for people’s livelihood. Three tunnels will be built, 11 overpasses will be built, and 16 ramps will be built. Residents along the road will be able to get up and down fuxing Street very conveniently, which will greatly improve the travel speed of everyone and enhance the image of Shijiazhuang city!”Mr. Chen, who lives in bowen Jiayuan community along Fuxing Avenue, said he was looking forward to the street.Yanzhao Evening News rong media reporter Feng Yue Jing correspondent Hou Dai Ying Zhao Minjie Article/Yanzhao Evening News Rong media reporter Zhang Haiqiang hot recommendation one year spring scenery do not miss Shijiazhuang around the flower map out she wants to have a prosthetic leg stand up…Hebei province department of education latest notice!The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: