Thumb up!Nanling these units and individuals listed!

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Thumb up!Wuhu these units and individuals listed!Recently, Anhui Civilization office, Anhui Province housing and urban-rural development department issued a notice, named the province’s 138 window units as “civilized service window”, 150 comrades as “civilized service model”.Among them, wuhu 10 window units and 9 individuals on the list.About housing, urban and rural construction in the whole province system named civilized service window and civilized service mode built will inform letter [2022] no. 96 municipal government, municipal housing urban and rural construction bureau (urban and rural construction bureau), the city administration (urban management enforcement bureau), housing accumulation fund management center, hefei, housing security of huainan city and expeditious, fuyang city housing authority,Bozhou Housing Development Center, Suzhou Real Estate Management Service Center, Hefei Forestry and Gardens Bureau, Provincial Housing Provident Fund Management Sub-Center:According to the “Anhui Provincial Civilization Office of Anhui Housing and urban-rural Construction Department on the construction of the province’s housing and urban-rural construction system to carry out civilized service window creation and civilization service model selection tree activities” (construction letter (2021) no. 898) requirements, after publicity, declaration recommendation, review publicity,We have decided to name the 138 window units such as the administrative district service office of Hefei Gas Group Co., LTD. ‘s customer service Company as “civilized service window” and 150 comrades such as Liu Tingting as “civilized service model”.Hope that the named collective and individual cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, create achievements, continue to carry forward the spirit of pioneering excellence, better play a leading role model.All the staff members to the provincial housing urban and rural construction system with advanced for example, creating civilized window, be pacesetter civilization, full display the provincial civilized service window image, housing, urban and rural construction system for deepening the reform of “pipes”, optimize the business environment, enhance the level of housing system of urban and rural construction e-government services and make greater contribution to the social public satisfaction.Annex: 1. List of “Civilized Service Window” 2. List of “Civilized Service Model” Anhui Civilization Office Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Anhui Province February 7, 2022 Annex 1: >>>List of “Civilized Service Windows” (10 in Wuhu) Annex 2: >>>Name list of “Civilized Service Model” (9 persons from Wuhu) Source: Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Anhui Province Issued by Wuhu Municipal People’s Government